Now THIS Slate of Candidates Looks Like Georgia!

I am so proud of the Democratic Party in Georgia for the sheer diversity and QUALITY of the candidates in this race. It is unbelievably representative of the faces I see every single day in Georgia. Can’t say that about the other side. They look like Wonder Bread. They’re so white, it is blinding.

Let’s look at this slate closer: Rev. Raphael Warnock holds the distinction of being the first black Democratic Senator from Georgia EVER. He got there last year in a run off against Kelly Loeffler, a very wealthy white woman appointed by Kemp because of her donations and her extreme right wing views. Both she and Kemp thought she would be a “shoo-in” for in the election to fill out the rest of the term. Rev. Warnock proved them wrong on January 5th. It’s time to prove the Republicans wrong again on November 8 and defeat a brain-damaged football player, Herschel Walker.

On the Congressional side, Val Almonord, M.D, who was originally from Haiti, now an American citizen, is running against Drew Ferguson in the 3rd District. This is his second try. Dr. Almonord brings a wealth of experience in healthcare, a deep sense of compassion, and a driving passion to help the poor and underserved particularly in the rural areas. He knows intimately of the subject and would be a superior representative for our district in Washington.

Those are the FEDERAL races. Two extremely well-qualified men, both from lowly backgrounds, both of whom want to use their knowledge and experience in service to Georgians, and they just happen to be men of color.

On the STATE level, we have the woman who has had the audacity to say that she not only wants to be Governor of Georgia, but she fully intends to realize that goal. That woman is Stacey Abrams. She also has an audacious plan for Georgia, and it is one that is breathtaking. (I have followed her and really do want to help her implement the changes that she has on her platform.)

As her running mate, Charlie Bailey is a fighter. He has been a prosecutor for a number of years and knows how to get to work to get the job done. You simply do not get to be a successful prosecutor if you can’t win cases and Charlie did that. His record against organized crime is phenomenal. We have a problem with that here in Georgia and he wants to help put laws in place to help in the fight. That’s another reason I want to be in the Senate. Charlie would preside in the Senate and I want to be there to help him get those bills passed. This is a team effort after all.

This woman is dynamite in a small package. Bee Nguyen is a Vietnamese immigrant who treasures both her heritage and her citizenship as an American. She has been the bane of the GOP Senators who wanted to just ‘slide’ some bills through, but Bee wanted to check their facts and figures and, boy, did she ever find them not even close to what she came up with. Much like the Congresswoman from California with the whiteboards, Bee asked the hard questions and demanded answers. She’ll make an excellent Secretary of State. The Republicans might not enjoy the questions she’ll be asking, but that’s their problem, right?

Another Senator who is stepping up to fight the hard battles is Jen Jordan. Jen is a lawyer, mom, and the child of a single mom. She knows what it is like to scrimp and save, go to school on a Hope scholarship, Pell grant, work multiple minimum wage jobs, and lose sleep so she could make ends meet. She has her own civil litigation law firm and has won some complex cases. She knows her way around the law and it shows. We need someone like her who has actually been in a courtroom (which Chris Carr never has been) to represent Georgia and to help enforce the laws of our State. Attorney General is an important job and she can fill it with honor and integrity. (Instead of trying to overturn elections and pass off fake electors like Carr has done.)

Janice Laws Robinson is a knowledgeable lady about insurance in/outs and could really do a great job of cleaning up (and OUT) some of the log jams that have plagued the insurance commissioners office for many years. It has been a “good old boys” world for too long and, as often happens, when the men mess it up, you need to send in a woman to clean it up.

This young woman is unusual in a couple of ways. First of all, she’s a woman in a very male dominated profession. Secondly, she is a person of color in a very WHITE dominated field. Thirdly, of all things, her crop is cut FLOWERS. Meet Nakita Hemingway, candidate for Agriculture Commissioner. It seems that there isn’t much that she cannot do once she puts her mind to it.

Carolyn Hugley and Debbie Buckner are running for GA State House and the boundaries of their districts have changed. You may find their names on your ballot and not have been aware that the redistricting had moved things around.

Patty Durand will NOT be on Tuesday’s ballot for Public Service Commissioner. Neither will Sheila Edwards. Those posts became contested in a legal dispute and there will be a special election in December.

Lastly, there’s ME! I’m Ellen Wright and I’m running for GA State Senate D29. We all are asking for your vote and requesting that you continue to vote blue down the rest of the ballot. Our democracy is at stake. The attack on Paul Pelosi shows that they are willing to use violence to get what they want. We have to stop them.

Paid for by The Committee to Elect Ellen T. Wright, P.O. Box 3816, LaGrange, GA 30241

Published by Equus spirit

Live in west central GA with 5 horses, 2 dachshunds, 3 cats. Life is complicated. Especially when you are an older female living in rural Georgia and the system is definitely rigged against you. God, I've learned to appreciate at least something of what minorities go through. White men are such boar hogs.

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