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I decided to run for this office in February 2021 when the Georgia General Assembly took it upon themselves to take us BACK IN TIME to the 1960’s in terms of election laws. These laws, I will add, had been changed by THEM to get the State up to standards imposed by the Civil Rights Act of 1965 which it was in violation of for keeping minorities, particularly persons of color away from the polls. It just so happened that in the Presidential election in November 2020, that the Democrats had been able to recruit more voters than they did and they flipped the state for Biden. Then they added insult to injury and threw not one but BOTH Republican U. S. Senators to the curb. How dare they? (Clutching pearls in mock horror.)

The upshot of this is that the leadership of the Georgia GOP panicked and realized that, “Oh, my goodness gracious, they used our laws, whatever shall we do?”, wrung their handkerchiefs, and promptly went to work being regressive, which is what they do best. In February 2021, (without getting public input) Brian Kemp snuck into a private room with just some Republican Senators and signed the bills into law. It was beyond poor leadership. To me, it was and is, illegal. It has, in many aspects, taken away the rights of many people to vote in this state. That infuriates me.

That’s on top of things like:

  • Refusing to expand Medicaid so that rural Georgians can access healthcare.
  • Refusing to hold LIVE town halls so that all comers can ask questions and get answers. Like most Republicans, Randy Robertson does not hold live town halls where all comers can get their questions asked and have answers. None of them do it.
  • Refusing to inform the citizens of what is going on in the Georgia Senate except maybe to preferred groups and to his donors. Excuse me, but he represents all of the citizens of this District.
  • Refusing to work towards improving our state’s educational system to raise our ratings out of the cellar, but he works to do things for law enforcement, put more guns on the street, and take the rights of women away.
  • Refusing to do anything to plan for the expansion of responsible job creation in our district.

Our current State Senator has been MIA except for photo ops for four years. It’s time to get somebody in that office who will work for the people of District 29. Our people who live in rural areas want and need access to healthcare that is readily available especially for maternal and pediatric care. Georgia ranks #4 in MATERNAL DEATHS and #1 in INFANT AND PEDIATRIC DEATHS. That is just unacceptable. We have to form a network that will be a safety net for these people. Our schools are NOT improving. We’re #36 out of 50 in the nation. That needs to change if we want to attract industry. We need an individual in that office who knows healthcare. I do because I have 25 years of experience in the field part of it as a manager. I know something about computer systems and education/training. I have far more relevant experience for the needs that this District has than my opponent. I am ready for this job. I’m ready to do that. I want to listen to you and find out what your priorities are. Then I am going to take that information to Atlanta and see if I can make it happen for you. Rural Georgians have waited long enough. It’s time for a woman to clean up this mess. Elect me to State Senate District 29.

  • Proudly listed by Moms Demand Actions as a Gun Sense Candidate
  • Proudly listed by Emily’s List as a Pro Choice Candidate
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