Pay Attention, Voters, Because There is a Pop Quiz on November 8

You think I’m joking?

I’m not. I’m as serious as a heart attack followed by a quintuple bypass. The bastards (pardon me) have tried to lull us into complacency with this “let the states decide” about abortion rights” garbage. They WANT us to think that will be the sum total of the fight.

It most definitely will not be.

Why do I say that? Because they are determined to retake the House and the Senate to the point that they can pass a NATIONWIDE ABORTION BAN that will be VETO PROOF. If that fails in 2022, they will keep trying until they make it happen.

That is why we absolutely must keep the House and Senate. We really, really need to EXPAND our majority in both. It’s the only way to REVERSE much of what has happened and to PUT REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS INTO FEDERAL LAW.

And we need as many Democratic Governors, Lt. Governors, Attorneys General, Secretaries of State, and other top Executives in every state. Plus as many Democratic Senators and Legislators right down to the country and city levels. That is why we keep saying that we want voters to vote BLUE from the top to the bottom of the ballots.

How did this happen?

Years of allowing the Republicans to redistrict the voters into districts such that they virtually cannot lose unless the Democrats show up in FORCE. When that happens, even redistricting doesn’t work.

We CAN WIN. But we need you to do it.

Our RIGHTS depend on it. Calling on you to STAND UP, SHOW OUT, AND VOTE.


Paid for by The Committee to Elect Ellen T. Wright, P.O. Box 3816, LaGrange, GA 30241

Published by Equus spirit

Live in west central GA with 5 horses, 2 dachshunds, 3 cats. Life is complicated. Especially when you are an older female living in rural Georgia and the system is definitely rigged against you. God, I've learned to appreciate at least something of what minorities go through. White men are such boar hogs.

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