They All Are. Just Wealthy Ones. It Is Time To Treat Them Like The Rest Of Us.

My father-in-law, may he play many rounds of golf in heaven, used to say, “You know what really burns my a$$? A little grass fire about this high.” Well, all these wealthy (some of them filthy, stinky wealthy) people in Washington who plotted sedition against me and my country have burned my a$$ and how. Let me enumerate the ways and their methods. And no, I’m not listening to the “both sides do it” mantra because both sides DO NOT DO IT. I’m not saying there’s isn’t some under-the-table stuff going on on our side. I know good and well there is. Chicago and Maryland are notorious for it. But there’s a lot less and, let me tell you something, we don’t tolerate the things in our ranks that they do in theirs. We just don’t. So here we go.

  • Blatant racism-and by this, I’m talking about discrimination based on skin color, country of origin, or ethnic heritage. This has gotten so out of hand that it can be done by members of that SAME GROUP (E.G. Tyree Nickels). That’s some hard-core brainwashing there.
  • Sexual predation of all kinds-raping of men, women, children, animals. Human trafficking. They laugh about it and elect/re-elect their members to the highest offices in the land and put them on the highest court in the land. Democrats get a whiff of something like that and force their members out of office. What a contrast.
  • Thieves–Oh, they preach big about the budget, but don’t ask them to give up their federal subsidies, PPP loans (that get forgiven completely), or insider trading information that they profit extremely handsomely on. Dishonest? Oh, yeah. Extremely. They rip off the American taxpayers to the tune of $BILLIONS every year. I’m talking about them and their families. Every last one of them rakes in hundreds of thousands of dollars in various ways and you can just hear the cash register going ka-ching, ka-ching, ka-ching. Why doesn’t somebody pass a law to stop this? Honey, these are the people who would be passing that law. You think they’re going to wring that golden goose’s neck?
  • Patriarchal In Nature (and that’s bad for women and children)–Supposedly, this is because of the “Judeo-Christian” teachings about how the family structure should operate. This is a pile of camel dung taller than Mount Sinai at least. Neither the Talmud (Jewish), New Testament (Christian), nor the Quran (Islam) teaches the kind of subjugation, abuse, and, frankly, torture that they espouse. What they do preach is nothing else than the Christian/fascist/secular version of the Taliban’s Sharia law. They just don’t call it that. It’s just as repressive and horrible. No society that has used this type of repression on its’ women and children has survived for very long. You just cannot treat the very people upon whom the future of your society quite literally rests like that and expect to march into the future. If you do, you might as well cut your own genitals off. If that’s offensive to your tender feelings, so be it. My feelings are really offended by what they do, so I guess we’re even on that score.
  • Sedition and treason — For the love of all that’s truly patriotic and holy, do not, DO NOT, tell me that people who blatantly call for states to secede from the Union, talk about not paying their fair share of the tax bills, steal from tax payers as a routine thing, tell falsehoods like they breathe, plot on overthrowing our government, get foreign governments to interfere with our elections (“Russia, if you are listening…”), accept outright bribery from foreign agents, cooperate with foreign governments, PROFIT from foreign governments WHILE IN OFFICE, rip off our government as a matter of course because, hey, why not, and then deny that elections were fairly done, are anything BUT SEDITIOUS AND TREASONOUS BASTARDS. Oh, and while most of that is about Trump himself, it is not exclusively about him. There are about 150 Congressional people included in that along with their families and staff, plus some judicial people, attorneys, and some outsiders. I believe the FBI estimates that the count may go as high as 500 or more before the investigation is completed. I want the entire lot of them brought to court, charged, tried, and punished. If we send all the people home from prison who are there on bogus marijuana charges, there’ll be room. That is not a problem.

As far as the “sent by God, second coming of the Christ, the Messiah, the Chosen One, etc.”, I have NEWS for those folks. You need to go back and read the prophecy again FOR YOURSELVES. Oh, I know-Old John wrote a very vague and very confusing bunch of stuff. I sat through many Sunday night sermons on that Book in my growing up years. I’m still convinced somebody was spiking his groceries with some ‘medicinal’ mushrooms. The imagery is florid and, at times, incoherent. Where he DOES write coherently, the passages outline events that are supposed to happen concurrently with the arrival of Messiah. NONE of them did with Trump. Whether you accept all, some, or absolutely none of the writings of John is your choice, not mine. That is your First Amendment Right and I’m not getting into it. I’m just informing you that you were lied to.

The “Republican” candidates coming forward now are no better than him and may, in fact, be worse. As a member of the Democratic Party, I strongly urge you to vet all candidates from either side closely. What they say might sound wonderful. I will promise you that I will tell you what I know. I might be blunt. (My mother tried hard to teach me to be tactful, but I’m afraid I didn’t learn so well.) I hate liars. I make mistakes. When I do, I’ll admit them and try to make amends. Sometimes that’s painful and I’ll admit that, too. Progress can be that way. The fastest was to learn is to make a mistake and learn than to sit still and not make any changes at all. That way lies certain stagnation and death.

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Live in west central GA with 5 horses, 2 dachshunds, 3 cats. Life is complicated. Especially when you are an older female living in rural Georgia and the system is definitely rigged against you. God, I've learned to appreciate at least something of what minorities go through. White men are such boar hogs.

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