Seriously? We’re Going To Make This Into Laws??

Helicopter parents are the absolute WORST nightmare of every teacher and school administrator alive. (And, to tell you the truth, quite a few employers. I kid you not.) These people are so overly invested in making absolutely certain that their offspring are NEVER offended, NEVER have to encounter any obstacles on their journey to adulthood, NEVER have a problem getting anything they desire, NEVER have to struggle to achieve something, and are always liked, invited to every social event, and participate in everything that will advance their advancement to colleges and beyond that the kids never learn how to achieve on their own. They’re cripples.

Now here comes SB 88 “Parents and Children Protection Act of 2023”. So what does this piece of ______do?

I’ll grant you that I do not have children so I have absolutely no skin in this fight, but, in a way, this does give me a little more objective look at what’s going on here, at least in my opinion. Your mileage may vary.

This legislation addresses the sexual orientation that a child might begin to express as a pre-teen or teenager. Now, this is a sensitive topic in any household. I work with foster children and it gets REALLY touchy with those kids. They frequently don’t know who to trust and/or have been abused. They might well go to a teacher who might be one of the few constants in their life and confide in that person. Or they might confide in a case manager from DFCS, their social worker, attorney, CASA, or counselor. Any of us could wind up being the person being that confidant for a child. So, yes, you bet your booties, I’m taking this very seriously. This one affects ME personally. I don’t like it one little bit. It’s confidential informational and it’s nobody’s business but mine and that child’s. If these idiots think I’m going to tell a child, “Hey, wait, I’m going to need written permission from your parents before I talk to you about that”, they are crazy. If that child needs to talk, they need to talk. I’m not stopping them for a technicality like that. I doubt seriously any of us would. Somebody needs to tell these Senators a thing or two about working with foster children. Because this provision is totally unworkable.

  • Another section states that no person shall engage in conversation with a child in sensitive conversation while dressed in a provocative manner. Somebody want to define that for me? A male coach in shorts? A female gym teacher in gym wear? A wrestling coach in a muscle shirt? Swim coaches in swimwear? How about an English teacher who decided to wear knee high boots with her skirt today? Or the male science teacher who doffs his jacket to work in the lab with the bunsen burners going? Just exactly what is provocative? Or are we going to just put everybody in burqas or hide behind computer screens? Give me a freaking break. This is pure nonsense. I’ve had it with this religious/fascist pomposity.
  • Another thing is that NO BODY changes a student’s perceived gender on their records when they are in the care of a state agency WITHOUT A COURT ORDER. That I do know. We just don’t do that. It’s illegal to do otherwise. The only way that would happen would be if Parental Rights had been terminated and the child’s attorney had filed a motion requesting that change to the Superior Court. That’s another religious/fascist pomposity.

This bill just takes helo parenting too far, IMO. There are some things that you just cannot do without totally screwing up the entire process. I don’t know if this is a “performative” type bill just for the folks at home so they can stand on platforms and say, “Golly, gee, we tried to get this done, but those darn liberals threw monkey wrenches at us.” It’s just plain out-and-out stupid in my book. When I first read it, I had a strong urge to slap somebody’s face around to the other side of their head. Good thing nobody was around or I’d have been in jail. Don’t mess with my foster kids. I’ll fight you.

LIKE and SHARE my posts to your friends and families. We need to let people know about these pending pieces of legislation. Randy Robertson D29 is one of the sponsors of this bill. If you aren’t in his district, but have a different Republican knothead, look it up on and look under all legislation, SB 88. It lists all the sponsors of the bill. The button that says ‘current version’ will give you the latest wording.

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