In Texas, If You Are Going To Be Corrupt, You Have To Be REALLY Corrupt

The entire nation has known for YEARS that Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is bad news. He is one of those people you think of when you look up the word in the dictionary. He’s that bad.

What is the puzzlement is that it has taken so long for the people of Texas to DO SOMETHING about this guy. Now I’m not privy to the internal workings of Texas politics, nor do I want to be, thank you very much. Georgia has plenty of its own and I am not going to throw sticks and stones at their state government when my own is built of glass and I know it. (That’s one of the reasons that I am seeking a seat in the Senate. There would be one more person up there that could not be corrupted. I don’t have family that could benefit from my being in office. They all live out of state.)

On May 25, 2023, the investigative committee voted to send 20 Articles of Impeachment to the floor for a vote. TWENTY! That’s 5x the number that Trump was impeached with! They include including bribery, unfitness for office and abuse of public trust. If the Texas House goes through with the impeachment vote, he could be forced from office immediately. The day isn’t over in TX as I write this.

If only they would hold their Governor accountable for the cruelties, violations of Civil Liberties and Constitutional Rights, and incredible terminable stupidities, racism, and bigotries, we’d have something. Unfortunately, they won’t.

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Paid for by The Committee to Elect Ellen T. Wright, P.O. Box 3816, LaGrange, GA 30241

Published by Equus spirit

Live in west central GA with 5 horses, 2 dachshunds, 3 cats. Life is complicated. Especially when you are an older female living in rural Georgia and the system is definitely rigged against you. God, I've learned to appreciate at least something of what minorities go through. White men are such boar hogs.

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