To Give You An Idea Of How A Candidate Spends Campaign Funds

This running for a political office stuff is definitely not cheap. Not by a very long shot. That’s why it seems that every candidate (including me) keeps asking for financial support. Frankly, we all abhor, hate, despise, and loathe having to do it. It is a necessity, though, because otherwise, those people who are NOTContinue reading “To Give You An Idea Of How A Candidate Spends Campaign Funds”

Don’t Listen to What They “Say”- Look At What They ACTUALLY DO

I’ve met many veterans of various ages, branches of the services, and of every political stripe there is. There are quite a few groups like “Patriot Front” (which is a terrorist group/FBI), “Proud Boys” (terrorist group-FBI), KKK (terrorist-FBI), and numerous other clubs, groups, or whatever they want to call themselves. (Note here: If you areContinue reading “Don’t Listen to What They “Say”- Look At What They ACTUALLY DO”

How Should You Vote This Year?

Of course, I think you should vote Democratic all the way and, most certainly, vote for me! But that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about actually getting your vote in to the people who will count it. Oh, yeah, that little detail! First things first: Let’s make sure your name is still onContinue reading “How Should You Vote This Year?”

Why Are Our Students So Far Behind?

It is little wonder that our school systems in this state are close to the bottom of the heap. Our STATE ranks 35th in the nation. Now in the 35th ranked State, the school systems in District 29 are near the BOTTOM in our State. We are literally scraping the bottom of the barrel here, especially in Meriwether County. Our children deserve better.