Can We See Those Job Descriptions Again? I Don’t Remember Seeing That..

Most teachers are great people. They’re like nurses in a lot of ways. They want to help people, particularly children, learn things that they think is really fun, interesting, and helpful for life. (I know what you’re thinking and just don’t even go there. We all have different experiences.) It’s a challenging job. They have to deal with children who have all kinds of learning styles and maybe disabilities, some may come to school dirty and hungry, some might be sick, sleepy from staying up all night, or tired from taking care of siblings or parents, have psycho-social problems, need medications for medical reasons, or any number of other issues. And then there are the parents-some are the “helicopters” who seem to micro-manage everything all the way to the ones who just don’t give a rat’s tail.

Teachers never seem to have adequate supplies from their school system. Equipment might/might not work. Directives can be onerous. Textbooks can be so old as to be nearly useless. And on and on.

Now we have the public trying to make them into armed guards/EMTs to counter the threat of active shooters. I know of more than one educator that has said that if that becomes a requirement that the day a resignation will be written. Just not going there. I cannot say that I disagree. With everything else required of them, this is a bridge too far.

Why is that? Because it never should have gotten to this point to start with. There are just too many guns in our society. Let’s face a concrete fact. If the sheer number of weapons was decreased by 95%, our rate of deaths means other than natural would drop like a rock. We simply do not need all these guns (except in our John Wayne dreams.)

If that offends, you’ll just have to be offended. I’ve lived all these years and the only thing I’ve ever known guns to be used for is to threaten and hurt other human beings, not to defend them.

Enough. Let’s come up with some gun laws that work and get at least some of these guns off our streets. More guns is not the answer. Protect our towns and our children. Vote Blue in 2022. Save America from turning red with blood.

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Coffee In The News

First off, I am not a fan of coffee. Just never have enjoyed the taste. Don’t know why and always assumed that one day I would somehow learn to like it, but that day has never shown up. After this many years, I rather doubt it will. I’m a tea drinker, though, and I am fussy about it. An in-law has told me that I’m a “tea snob” and, truthfully, that’s likely correct. Like a lot of Southern women, I want my iced tea made a certain way, has to be Luzianne, and lots of ice. Quality counts. But then the coffee lovers go to the same lengths, so I don’t feel bad about it.

But that’s not the point of this at all.

The point of this post is the Coffee County, GA mishandling of the election EQUIPMENT AND SOFTWARE after the 2020 election that most likely compromised MILLIONS of voters’ information, exposed the software to damage by hackers from outside the country as well as inside, and breached all kinds of security protocols and the public trust locally, statewide, and federally. It centers around, of all people, the Election Office supervisor, who ALLOWED outsiders into her office to come in and break the seals on the equipment to “mirror” (make an exact copy) of the software and hard drives. The breaking of the seals by itself was a felony. Copying the data on each piece of equipment was a FEDERAL FELONY. The fact that she let them in and KNOWINGLY allowed these actions is a breach of the oath she took when she took office and is cause for termination and, I believe, a felony under State law. (We’re racking them up here.)

The astounding thing is: she left the security cameras running and it is all on video! Every bit of this is documented.

The given reason? She wanted to prove that the election process was rigged in favor of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and she was convinced that these people would provide that proof. She KNEW what she was doing was illegal, but she did it anyway. She knew what they were doing was illegal, but she allowed it anyway. The justification was that if it did show that the election was rigged, then she would be exonerated.

But nothing of the sort happened because the election was fair.

This shows a security vulnerability in our election process. Those machines need to be stored in such a way that they CANNOT be accessed without at least three people signing them out. Software needs more firewalls and it needs more than one person to enter. Sure, this might be a handicap for smaller counties, but if three or four do it together, they can manage it.

This cult of personality thing shows the depth and length to which followers may go to undermine a governmental institution that they desire to overthrow. If we want to make certain that democracy prevails, then we must find the ways and means to protect it at all points.

If you cannot trust the election officials, the election process itself is doomed. It won’t matter if the ballots are paper or electronic. I’m serious. If the General Assembly can replace our Election Boards at a county level because they simply don’t like the election results, we’re not living in a democracy anymore. It’s an oligarchy or aristocracy and they are our Lords, Dukes, and Earls. They just haven’t assumed the titles yet. (Give them time and they will.)

We absolutely MUST TAKE BACK THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY. We cannot allow these people to run our State into the ground and give it away. They’ve tried fake electors (like Burt Jones), they’ve tried to hijack our elections (suppressing black voters and purging the voter rolls unnecessarily), they’ve kept poor people from getting adequate healthcare coverage during a pandemic by not expanding Medicaid, and they’ve cheated our children by slashing school budget past the bone. This has to stop.

Vote Blue in November 2022 and elect people who will take care of Georgians not their own wallets. If you elect me to the Senate, I’ll work hard to help make life easier for all Georgians who work hard every day.

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Deadly Weapons

Let’s talk about weapons.

Legally speaking, a vehicle is considered a “deadly weapon”. If you really want to get nit picky about it, a lot of things can go on that list (the hands/feet of a black belt martial arts master, sharp knives, bats, etc.) But we will stay with these two for clarity of this discussion. It will also cut down on confusion.

Basically, anything that can be used to hurt or cause enough bodily injury so as to inflict fatal harm to someone else is termed a “lethal weapon”. Since a vehicle can be used like that and are commonly in use by the public, society has imposed certain limits on their use by individuals who may be impaired in some form or fashion, e.g. being intoxicated with alcohol or some other substance, road rage, certain medical conditions, physical problems such as limited eyesight, hearing problems, physically not being able to reach the controls, cognitive limitations, and so forth. A driver must be trained on how to drive, pass a written test on the laws that govern the road, then go out and pass a practical test. There may be some sort of health test as well. At minimum, a screen for vision will be done. In other cases, a medical exam by a physician is necessary. Liability insurance is required on each vehicle to cover the medical costs of all parties if an collision occurs. Renewals and inspections are done on a periodic basis.

What have we got for firearms? Essentially, nothing. The NRA lobby has furiously protested the 2nd Amendment for DECADES now as if it were some magical shield that absolves every gun owner of responsibility and liability of ownership and actions in how s/he keeps, uses, and stores every weapon in their possession. This is the mindset of the seagulls in Finding Nemo. “MINE, MINE, MINE”. It’s childish, immature, and irresponsible. It completely ducks out on their global responsibility to society when they decide to own a gun. If you want one, fine. Go get one. Everybody has their own little hobby that somebody else would say is a waste of time and money. (Mine is horses. I admit it.) All I’m asking for is the maturity to accept the responsibility and accountability to do this correctly. It’s like everything else in life.

I propose a system much like what we have for vehicles. Yes, as you go up in firepower, you’d have to get additional training and licenses. You have to get a special license to drive a motorcycle, right? Or a bus, CDL truck, HAZMAT vehicle? Those drivers take extra training and command better wages because of it. A person who can demonstrate the ability to properly handle, clean, and store larger weapons and get the proper liability should not have a problem.

But here come the conspiracy folks who will claim that “the government will know about our arms and where we have them….” Buddy, I feel sorry for you, I really do. Because you live in fear all the time. However, if that was true, they have more and bigger toys to play with than you’ll ever have. They’re over proving that right now in Ukraine and beating Russia’s ass by proxy. You would be no problem at all. No, I don’t buy that argument.

Our citizens are dying and being terrorized by guns every single day. We are the single biggest gun dealer in the world. That’s not something to be proud of. We deal in death. We have more deaths by shooting (accidental, suicides, murders) than the entire world COMBINED. Our schools are now being constructed so that a shooter cannot have a “line of sight” to shoot our children. People are thinking twice about going to fairs and festivals because they could be killed. This is insane. It has to stop. Contrary to the beliefs of the gun lobby, no, putting more guns on the streets will not make the streets safer. It just means more bullets flying, more innocent victims, more ricochet, and more heartbreak.

The statistics are real, but their bulls**t never stops. The reality is that only 0.01% of all shooters is ever stopped by a good gun with a gun. In case you have a hard time visualizing that, it means that 1 incident in 10,000 is stopped by a good guy. Yet all these wannabe good guys are walking around strapped, ready to shoot themselves in the foot getting the gun out (if they’re lucky-I have known of guys hitting themselves much higher.) Then getting so amped up, they can’t hit the broad side of a barn with the thing. That means collateral damage, and who knows how many lives ruined.

Before anyone yelps, we own guns. I’ve had them my entire life. Can I shoot worth a hoot? Depends. I’m better with long guns. Don’t particularly like shotguns. I’m not bad with a handgun. Prefer a .38. Nines are too big for my hands. Would we comply with this? Yes. Could I draw down on somebody? Well, I have a long time ago. Did that answer your questions?

I don’t “want” your guns. I want you be responsible for and be accountable gun owners. I want you to accept liability. I want you to accept that your guns can be traced back to you if stolen and that you could be held liable for deaths or injury they cause because you did not report the loss. Now how you decide to handle this would be up to you. Your choice. Not mine.

That’s one of the reasons I want to go to the Georgia State Senate. I want Georgia to STOP being one of the major states for the purchase of guns on the way to other states for the cartels. This has to end. This is one industry we can do without. Vote blue on November 8 and send me, Ellen Wright, to the Senate so I can help support Stacey Abrams, Charlie Bailey, Jen Jordan, Bee Nyugen, and the rest of the Democratic team in making this ONE GEORGIA.

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It Is A Matter Of Your Goals

Once you get this straight in your mind, the rest of politics falls into place. It really is a matter of how you look at things and what your end goals really are.

Now Republicans’ rhetoric makes it “sound” as though they are going to do wonders for the people who elect them. But there’s a big, big gap in what they “say” and what actually happens. That’s why most people do not trust politicians, and, frankly, I don’t blame them. They have been lied to again and again and again. “We’re going to do something about your trash collection.” Still the same old thing with trash piling up and trucks running late. “That water treatment plant is out of date. We’re going to get the money and build a NEW one for the city. We’re looking into the FUTURE.” Oh, yeah, and the folks in Flint, MI, and Jackson, MS is still so nasty only a blind fool would use it. Other communities are just as bad. Strangely enough, it seems these things always seem to happen in Black, brown, and Native American homes, but very seldom in white homes.

What is odd is if things keep happening, and the Black residents have complained to either city or county officials, but nothing has been done over a period of some time, what happens if a WHITE person steps in and pulls that card. I know this to be true because of what happened right out in front of our property. There’s a sharp curve in the road and people tend to take it much too fast. At least four or five time a year, people’s cars were winding up in our neighbor’s yard, hitting one of our trees in front of the pasture fence, or spinning across the road into the ditch. No one was ever seriously injured, to my knowledge, but it did total out quite a few vehicles. My neighbor, who happens to be Black, complained to the county numerous times. Nothing. This particular time, I went back to the house and got the county commissioner’s email and let her have it. She knows I’m white. By the end of the next day, ALL of the curves on that road had warning signs. We haven’t had an accident since. But I shouldn’t have had to do that. She’s a Republican.

Democrats, on the other hand, have the stated goal of helping people, and it drives the Republicans absolutely crazy. That’s why they scream ‘socialism’. Since the day of Franklin D Roosevelt, Democrats have consistently delivered on policies and programs that make the lives of the everyday working American easier and better. They include such things that we take for granted today like:

  • Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) that protects your money in banks
  • Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) built a good many of our national parks
  • Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) built hydroelectric dams all over the Southeast and brought electric power to many rural areas
  • Agricultural Adjustment Authority (AAA) paid farmers not to grow certain crops to help keep prices up and help keep them solvent
  • National Recovery Administration (NRA) enforced codes that regulated wages, working conditions, and prices
  • Public Works Administration (PWA) built ports, schools, and aircraft carriers
  • Rural Electrification Project (REP) helped farmers get electricity out to their farms
  • Works Progress Administration (WPA) employed men and women to build schools, hospitals, parks, and airports; employed artists, writers, and musicians
  • Social Security Act (SS) Made it possible for seniors to have a reliable income in their later years so they wouldn’t have to live in crushing poverty

These are only a few of the programs his administration was responsible for creating and putting into place. Other Democratic Presidents have followed in the same vein. Kennedy formed the Peace Corps. Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act. Clinton had welfare reform and education during his administration. Obama’s crowning achievement, in spite of being stymied by a Republican Congress, was the Affordable Care Act. Now Biden is rolling along signing bill after bill, much to their collective dismay. What his “signature” accomplishment will be remains to be seen. But he has already returned our economy to a pre-recession level, lowered unemployment to record lows, and stimulated manufacturing to record levels. All while giving unprecedented aid to a small country at war with a very large enemy of ours. It boggles the mind.

If this is “socialism”, then I’ll take it. I’d rather have it than people who grab power for its own sake and become greedy and corrupt in the process, and step all over the working people in the process. I have no use for that. If you can’t pull someone up with you, then you are of no use to the rest of us. Get out of the way. You are a blight on society.

That’s why I choose the Democratic Party. There’s lots of diversity over here. Yeah, they squabble and fuss among themselves, but we will also unite and fight like hell when we have to just like a family. And right now, with everything the Republicans are trying to do, we are united.

Vote for me in November for State Senate in District 29. I’ll work for you, not myself. And remember to vote BLUE from top to bottom. It’s time to vote these people out and get fresh voices who care about YOU.

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Ahem, Excuse Me, But You Have Some More Thinking To Do, Mister

One of the things that I decided a LONG time ago was that I wanted a FEMALE doctor whenever possible particularly for the plumbing. I have nothing against you guys, in fact, I love you dearly for most purposes, but there are just things that you have no freaking concept of no matter how hard you try. Our hormones and the way our bodies react to them is one primary reason for my decision. Hormones affect the way our bodies function, the way our minds work, our moods, and even the way the world appears to us on any given day. And because our hormones do fluctuate from one day to the next, even we cannot predict what we’ll be like tomorrow. It’s a crap shoot for us, too.

But at least I could get a doctor who had experienced this herself and not a guy who had only read about it in a book. Yes, it does make a difference.

So what happens but NOW we have hundreds of predominately white haired white MEN sitting in rooms across this nation, MEN who have never had a cramp, never used a tampon, wouldn’t know a menstrual cup if it suddenly attached itself to his ____, do not know the basic biology of how a woman even has a menstrual cycle much less what happens when she gets pregnant, and has to be told that there is NO SUCH THING as a birth control method that is 100% effective shy of locking the damsel in a tower with a moat and pulling up the drawbridge, but these people now think they know what is best for 187 MILLION WOMEN’S reproduction choices??

I don’t think so.

This is so inherently ignorant as well as arrogant as to be both pathetic and outrageous at the same time.

I have TWO degrees in Biology. If you need me to teach you about the female plumbing, I’ll do it. I’m not bashful. I might embarrass the heck out of others because I just plow right into it. I do not use coarse language. If you want to know, ask.

One thing I do not tolerate is misinformation like that stuff some congressman came up with that said that “when a female is raped, the body has ways to just shut that whole thing down.” Seriously, dude? Then why is there even such a thing as a rapist wanting to have a say in whether or not she can get an abortion? Or if she doesn’t find out in time, whether or not she can put it up for adoption? Or if she keeps it, can he get paternal rights? Tell me the answers to those questions, knucklehead. Sheesh.

Or that woman I saw on TV that claimed that a pregnancy resulting from a rape or incest was a “gift from God” even if the victim was a child of only 10. Excuse me? She’s too young to consent, to vote, to drink, to buy a gun, to smoke, but she’s old enough to be a mother? Explain that to me. I’m missing something here. Even the Bible, Talmud, and Torah permit abortions in those cases. What the effing HELL is the matter with these people??

Bottom line-they’ve taken this science of DNA combining to make a new organism waaaaaay the HELL too far. Just because Science (with the capital S) can explain the joining of two genomes does NOT mean that when that instant happens that Life (with the capital L) happens. That has never definitively been proven. Science can only tell you when the fetus become “viable” (defined as being capable of sustaining itself outside of the environment of the place in which it was growing, i.e. the uterus in this case.) Normally, this means when the lungs are able to fully expand and can exchange O2 for CO2 on their own without mechanical help. This occurs somewhere around the 30th week. If the fetus is delivered after that time, it is called a premature birth.

All of this means, my sisters, that we have an overriding issue on the ballot on November 8, 2022. It is called our Right to our own Freedom to Choose our Reproductive Futures, our Right to Privacy, our Right to our Freedom of Speech to say who we are and what our future looks like, our Right to not have another person’s Religion forced down our throats or up our vaginas, and our Right to Self-expression as Individuals. Males-this affects you, too. You say you support us. Then vote accordingly. It is you who will be chased down to help pay the child support. It is you who will have to step up to support her if she can’t work due to complications. We need you to back our play on this.

For the love of God, VOTE BLUE IN 2022. From the top to the very bottom of the ballot. We need every Democrat elected in Federal, State, and local election.

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Other Than The Fact That If Democrats Are For Something, They Are Duty Bound To Be Against It

Ever feel as though if Chuck Schumer came out in favor of taking daily showers, that Mitch McConnell et al would immediately stop bathing altogether? Or something similar with Nancy Pelosi and Kevin McCarthy? (Wonder if we should suggest it? Nyah. It would get really unbearable around there.) But it sure feels that way.

Bernie Sanders was among the first, but the movement has been steadily growing to make some or all undergraduate education (probably at state schools) tuition free. Private schools are still something of a mixed bag. They might or might not get some help. The proposals are all over the places. But the pressure is mounting right along with the movement to forgive student loans.

This is something that I’ve seen for myself overseas. It works. It is a different mindset, true, but it actually works better than traditional education settings. People here are skeptical because they’ve never seen it. I can understand that, because I was, too. However, places like Africa and Australia have vast areas where getting teachers TO students is virtually impossible at least part of the year. (By vast I’m talking 100s of miles of NOTHING. In Australia, it’s the heat. In Africa, it might be heat or the rains/mud.) Some parts are just impassable. If students don’t study at home, they don’t get an education. It’s that simple. I’ve done it. It’s hard, but it can be done.

But there are a couple of HIDDEN reasons for Republicans to be resistant to this.

  1. They want to privatize ALL education so they can profit from it and control it. This was Betsy DeVos’s main reason for wanting to be Secretary of Education. Uneducated poor people are easier to tell how to vote. Then you make them the workers in your businesses. The rest you tell them only what you want them to know so they’ll still vote the way you want and sent their children right back to your for profit schools.
  2. Educated people are so damned hard to manipulate. They ask too many questions like WHY, WHERE DID YOU GET THAT, HOW DOES THAT WORK, WHO SAYS, YOU AND WHOSE ARMY? Just so inconvenient.

My position is: We need to at least try two years (freshman and sophomore) in undergrad at state schools. At the vocational/tech schools, all one/two year programs would be eligible. It would have to include apprenticeships, externships, etc. to finish out programs. Run it for say five years and re-evaluate. If it is working, then up it to all four/five years. Let’s get our young people (and some adults) trained so they can go to work. Uneducated people cannot find good paying jobs. We cannot attract good industry to Georgia without educated workers for them. This is a two way street.

This is an area where you have to invest in order to see a return on down the road. The return won’t be this year or the next, but we will see it as industries choose to move in. Let’s do this.

Vote for somebody who sees our potential in the future. Vote for me for State Senate in District 29.

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Kemp Keeps Talking About How Good Georgia Schools Are, But Look Closer

Ever watch the old sleight of hand artists play the card game or the ball under the cup? Watch closely, they’ll tell you, and you are sure you are, but, somehow, you are just about always wrong. That’s what Kemp is doing. I never thought much about it because I didn’t have kids in school. But then a teacher friend started talking and I started doing some research. And my sister had problems with HER school system, so one thing led to another, and before you know it, deep into the internet you go.

What Kemp and the Superintendent of Public Education in Georgia (otherwise known as one lying SOB) is doing is comparing the scores of Georgia’s schools to–>Georgia schools in the past. TA-DA! They don’t use a for real standard like maybe the national average, or something crazy like that. There’s a reason for that. If Georgia’s test scores are compared to other states, we come out as 36/50. That’s in the BOTTOM of the bottom third.

So, yeah, Kemp is going to keep talking about how our schools keep improving. Because they are improving when you compare them to the WRONG THING.

How did this happen?

Back about 25 years ago, the Republicans started promising voters that they would “slash taxes”. What they did not say (and voters did not ask) was what would be on the chopping block because you cannot slash your income without slashing your spending.

School programs – band, chorus, drama, newspaper, uniforms, extracurriculars, various supplies, drivers’ ed, languages, books for library, computers, etc.

infrastructure-fixing roads, bridges, water treatment plants, sewage treatment plants, public housing renovation, utility maintenance/renovation, public service

parks and recreation-public areas closed, pools, courts decayed, fences were vandalized

police/fire/ems-staff was cut back, vehicles not replaced, equipment not bought

And so on. Now that Biden has finally gotten part of the Infrastructure Bill in place and some of the money is coming in, people are beginning to see what they were missing, and they are realizing that they were robbed in so many ways by people they thought they could trust. They were told that “we’ll make sure that all services will remain the same. But they did not because they could not pay for them. And you get what you can pay for.

In education, we have a whole generation that cannot read, cannot write properly, does not know civics, does not understand economics, does not have a clue about history, and this was intentional. Why? Because an uneducated voter is easier to mislead, enrage, and influence than one that is educated. The Republicans have been working on this for the last 25 years and we let them.

Now it is time to stand up and stand strong and take our country, our state, our district, and our county boards of education BACK. They can’t have them anymore. It’s time to stand up together at the ballot box in Georgia and vote for Lisa Searcy for Superintendent of Public Education and for your Democratic candidates for county school boards.

Tell your neighbors, friends, and family that we’re mad as hell about this and these Republicans cannot do this anymore. They’re done. There’s a new sheriff in town.

While you are at it, vote for me for State Senate in District 29. Stacey Abrams and Charlie Bailey are going to need my help in there.

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So Biden Said Some Folks Are “Fascists” & Now Half Of DC Has A Whopping Case of Butt Hurt

Honestly, I’m having a wonderful time with this. Why? Because the ones who are squawking the LOUDEST are the very same people who participated in the preparations FOR JANUARY 6TH. Now is that just a coincidence? I don’t think so.

And the media types and social media fingers who are protesting this are the very same ones who consistently bark the propaganda that Russia Television (RT.com if you want to check it out, but do it on one of those “private tabs” your browser has so they can’t trace back to you. Which they will do if you let them.) puts out all day every day. I check it out and compare it every so often. It’s sometimes word for word. (It’s true, btw, that they re-broadcast Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, and several others on there. Now whether or not they pay them, I don’t know. But they are on RT. It is subtitled in English when they are speaking in Russian, but they do sometimes use English.)

It just does not make sense that this is NOT a coordinated campaign by Russia to bring us down from within. They stated years ago that they would do this. They knew that we had the defenses that they could not overwhelm. But they did know that they could ‘undermine’ us by using our own people, our own technology, and our own arrogance against us. So this is what they have done. It’s an ancient tactic much like the Trojan horse. A small force sent into a fortified area can open the fortifications and let the opposition come in and overwhelm while the defenders are still sleeping.

THIS is why they are so angry.

President Biden sounded the alarm and told Americans to wake up, the invaders are here, and to fight. They have been “outed” before they were ready. Well, isn’t that sad, you say. It is. That is what frustrates them and that is what makes them so freaking angry. The truth is hard to fight-unless you can make it seem like “not the truth”. Sound familiar?

The old saying that “Lies will run around the world while the Truth is still putting its shoes on.” is still very valid. But the difference now is the internet. The truth can catch up to the lies very quickly and it can expose them for what they are by revealing their origins.

A marvelous example of this is the Select House Committee on the January 6th Insurrection Hearings led by Chairman Thompson and Co-chair Cheney. They will start up again very soon. They have carefully uncovered the timeline, the people, the links between them, the command structure, and the plot, but more importantly, the originator of that plot-the man behind the Resolute Desk. Now they have additional evidence to work with that they will turn over to the Department of Justice for criminal prosecution.

I have no idea how far reaching this is. I very much suspect that I will die before we get a solid picture and we’ll be horrified. My guess is that the Federalist Society is at the core of it. That’s really sad because it was founded by Alexander Hamilton. But if we have to take the entire thing down, so be it. He would approve under the circumstances. SCOTUS has been tainted. We must re-examined our Justices and possibly impeach and replace over half the bench. That is downright tragic but if the American public is to have any kind of respect for the institution as an arbiter of the laws of our nation, it must happen.

Federal judges on all levels must be re-examined for the same reasons. It will be a pain-staking and grueling process, and we cannot fail. Our justice system demands we have people of honor and integrity on the benches. They must know the law and they must be non-partisan. In many instances, that is not the case. Justice Aileen Cannon proved that just this morning (9/6/22) when she ordered a special ( ) to review the evidence taken from Mar-a-Largo. The work has already been done, but somebody will have to do it again.

All agencies, departments, and civilians they oversee need to be reviewed for waste and corruption. It’s long overdue.

And, of course, we the people can do some of the housecleaning ourselves by voting correctly to start with in November. Yes, I know, this has been going on for years, but you know something, voters have been sending the SAME DAMN JERKS BACK TO THE SAME OFFICES FOR YEARS, TOO. So, in a very real way, YOU ARE TO BLAME, TOO.

Now I realize that I’m a newcomer to the world of politics. I’m not going to tell you to trust me because I’ve found that when somebody tells me that I know I shouldn’t. They are hiding something.

I will tell you that what I tell you is what I know at that moment. I might be mistaken, but if I am, I will correct it and I will tell you that I made a mistake. It’s the best I can do. But I cannot promise to be 100% accurate all the time because no one is.

When I have taken on any job, I am all in. 1000%. I can give you references on that starting with my husband.

I am with the President and his policies, and I am with the policies of the Democratic Party. I am working hard to help re-elect Senator Warnock and elect Stacey Abrams, and every member of the Executive Board. But I am also working hard to elect legislators and local people who will be just as important if not more so in the years ahead.

I want our communities to thrive and grow. We will not do that with billionaires in charge, but we can do it if the poor and middle-class stand together. There are more of us than there are of them. VOTE BLUE ON NOVEMBER 8. TOGETHER WE CAN WIN.

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Are We Even Talking About The Same Things? This IS BIZZARO

Uvalde School Massacre

Let’s take Uvalde, TX (Robb Elementary School shootings) first. The Democratic reaction was, quite predictably, it is the assault rifles, their accessories, and the easy access that the shooter had to them on his 18th birthday. There was lots of finger pointing and blame casting on the local police department, and people lost their respectability, credibility, and, as time went on, their jobs. Families were ripped apart emotionally, mentally, and financially as they realized that the pathologist could not even positively identify their children because the bodies were so destroyed. Then they had to cope with burying their dead.

In the meantime, the Republican reaction was summed up in one extremely callous sentence: “People should just get used to this. It isn’t going to go away.” I was dumbfounded. Get used to a young man so deranged that he felt it a reasonable thing to go get weapons of war and walk into an elementary school and massacre children and teachers who didn’t know him and whom he didn’t know? No, I can’t and I won’t. I refuse to do that. But they tried to brush it off. Then when that failed to work, they went back to their 2nd Amendment arguments. Those arguments are weak in the face of such an event, but still they return to them like dogs to their own vomit. (I’ll argue those elsewhere.)

January 6 Coup Attempt

This one is another head scratcher in many respects. The Republican leadership has, by turns, denied that it happened (“it was just a bunch of tourists”), said that it DID happen and that Trump was responsible (largely immediately following while their pants were still damp), and a range of harrumphs, umms, and ahems, followed by protests of “but that’s not a crime” to “these people are being mistreated even though they are PATRIOTS.” (direct quote from Marjorie Taylor Green, CD14-GA R).

When the House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced the creation of a special investigation committee into the events of that day, she said that she wanted it to be bi-partisan. Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy provided a list of Republicans he wanted on their side. Problems arose because three of the names he proposed were on the possible witness list already. It is a breach of protocol to have someone sitting on an investigating committee AND be a witness at the same time. So Pelosi objected to their presence. McCarthy immediately threw a tantrum and, instead of doing the sensible thing of merely replacing them, withdrew the entire list saying that the investigation would be a “partisan witch hunt”. Two Republican members of the House stepped forward voluntarily knowing that they would sacrifice their careers and volunteered to be on the committee so that it would be bipartisan-Rep. Liz Cheney, WY, and Adam Kinzinger, IN. (Kinzinger let it be known that he would not run again for his seat. Cheney did run for hers, but lost.)

The public hearings have been remarkable primarily because nearly 100% of the witnesses presented and the video clips shown have been of REPUBLICANS. The evidence has been damning. The silence from the Republican side has been deafening. And we still have more evidence and hearings to go in September.

The Democrats, to their credit, have not been gloating, but they have been gratified by the depth and power of the hearings. The timeline, the written documentation, the videos of actions taken and things said, and the results have painted a frightening picture of what came before that day, what happened on that day, and the absolute callousness of the man who planned it, Donald J. Trump, Sr.

We still have so much work to do to clean this up. It will take years to finish.

The Mar-A-Largo Debacle

In a related, but not related, event, AG Merrick Garland got tired of asking for documents that could not be located from the Trump compound at Mar-A-Largo (MAL). Everyone knew that boxes and boxes of things had been loaded onto the plane when he departed the White House. The problem was that the people who knew what was in them weren’t talking nor were they forthcoming with the boxes, at least not all of them. Twelve were returned to the National Archive.

But the National Archives said some really sensitive things were still missing. AG Garland and the DOJ know that they know their jobs so they started asking in stronger and stronger language for the documents. Trump’s attorneys stalled them telling them that they had everything. As usual with these things, you don’t tell an old prosecutor “no” but for so long. They will find a judge who will listen to them, sign off on a search warrant, and they will send people to search wherever it is until they are satisfied. The FBI notified the USSS they were on the way, they were admitted when they knocked on the door, and they searched until they got their boxes. Not a raid at all. Raids entail SWAT teams, stun grenades, and blasted down doors. That didn’t happen.

But to hear the Republicans talk about it. OMG. Starting with the man himself talking on social media about his home being “raided”. It’s been two weeks and they’re still at it. “If it can happen to a “former President”, it can happen to you.” Well, heck, yeah, it can, and it always could. Anybody can have a search warrant executed. Give me a break.

And, of course, now we find out what was IN those boxes, and it seems that those boxes should have never left Washington OR the White House without an armed guard. We’re talking spy level documents. Good God. And he was keeping them in an unlocked basement at a resort where who knows what kind of people come and go every day? Don’t talk to me about security. I’m not THAT stupid.

These are the kind of people who willfully and knowingly follow that guy and call themselves Republicans. I don’t know about you, but I do not want them in the Georgia State House writing laws that concern me and mine. They TRIED to put up a slate of fake electors to get him elected for a second term. I don’t trust them and this Senator was one of them. Vote for me to get a Democrat to represent you in the Senate. I will help Stacey Abrams and Charlie Bailey get Georgia put back to rights. Women need to have their rights given back. Let’s DO THIS.

Endorsed by:

Emily’s List as a Pro-Choice candidate

Moms Demand Action as a Gun Control candidate

Paid for by The Committee to Elect Ellen T. Wright, P.O. Box 3816, LaGrange, GA 30241 http://www.wright4georgia.com ellen@wright4georiga.com

For Those Who Wonder Where The Money Goes, Here’s A Look

Campaign finance laws are not very forgiving. Candidates are not allowed to put their hands “in the cookie jar”. Every red cent has to be accounted for to the Finance and Ethics Commission of the State of Georgia for State level and lower seats. I know, you hear about somebody from time to time that couldn’t resist and ‘dipped’ in, but I’ll tell you right now, you’re asking for trouble if you try it. It is a testament to the system that so FEW are found to be guilty of misappropriating funds. If you want to get an idea of just how MUCH money we’re talking about, you can access lists of donors, amounts given, who they gave the money to, when, which party, and other information at opensecrets.org. (Little tip: set a timer or you’ll get lost in there and never come up for air!)

What can your money go towards?

  1. Yard signs – these things have to be paid for in advance. Prices vary according to sizes, #colors used, type, stands. In general, for 1,000 signs, it will cost around $3400. It won’t go much lower for more signs from that point.
  2. Literature to hand out – depends on exactly what it is, of course, but you can expect to spend $250 very fast.
  3. Swag (pens, buttons, plastic glasses)-these can be purchased for $1.50 each/500 pieces to $.0.35 each/1000 pieces. That translates to $625 and $350. No, I’m not joking. My calculator does not lie.
  4. Snacks for volunteers who go out canvassing, writing post cards, or doing other things.
  5. Other expenses like postage, post office box, supplies

It mounts up faster than you can imagine and keeping these expenses under control is unbelievably hard. That’s why I have to come to you with these pleas for contributions.

If you can make a contribution on a monthly basis, that would really help because it would give me a ‘cushion’ of knowing something would be coming in later. I do not have any “large donors”. This is all grassroots support. I need YOUR help in order to do this.

We have just a little over two months until the election. Will you help me?

Please share to your friends, family, and extended circles. I need all the exposure I can get. You might not be able to vote for me because you do not live in the District 29, but donations are not limited to that area. If you believe in my campaign and who I am, that’s enough. And thank you so much.

Endorsed by:

Emily’s list for being Pro-Choice

Moms Demand Action for advocating for sensible gun control

Paid for by The Committee to Elect Ellen T. Wright, P.O. Box 3816, LaGrange, GA 30241 http://www.wright4georgia.com ellen@wright4georiga.com

Never Argue With A Liar Because They Always Believe Their Own Lies

There’s the piece of advice that all of us have been looking for when dealing with all these Trumpettes! Just don’t argue with them in the first place. They really do believe the lies and they are NOT going to listen to you.

Another quip that comes to mind about this sort of situation is one that has been variously attributed to Plato?, Ann Rule (maybe), Roy Durstine (umm), and various others. It also has variations on the theme. Basically, it’s this: Don’t confuse me with your facts, I’ve already made my mind up. Damned, if they don’t mean that, too. Their minds are etched in stone like the carving on Stone Mountain. If you want to change THAT, you better be bringing a lot of plastic explosives. You’re gonna need it. This folks are serious. In a way, you have to admire their dedication to their cause, but they are really going to be put out when they find out exactly how wrong they were. It’s going to go badly for them.

But for us, nice people that we are, it is so difficult to stop “being nice” and yet that is exactly what we need to do and must do. They are NOT going to play by the “rules”. They try to insist that it is our responsibility to do so, and give great big dramatic demonstrations when they think people will think that they might seem to be used and abused, e.g. the FBI search of Mar-A-Largo which was perfectly legal, well within the scope of the agency, and had been forewarned of by repeated requests for the documents found. All of which makes the pearl clutching, fainting-couch histrionics, and speechmaking seem more ludicrous than a three-year-old’s tantrum for ice cream.

Do not fall for it and do not allow others to fall for it. We’ve had enough of this already. Government is no place for daycare. It is for adults. Let’s elect people who can act like adults and discuss matters calmly and effectively. I’m sick of the lies and the histrionics. I am sick of the fascist policies. Let’s get back to democracy and the will of the people instead of the decisions of the elitists like Trump, Kemp, Perdue, Loeffler, Burt Jones, Drew Ferguson, and all the rest. Let’s elect Democrats like Stacey Abrams who comes from poverty and knows how WE live, Raphael Warnock who grew up in the Savannah projects, and me-I grew up riding my granddaddy’s plow mule. Let’s put REAL people in our government who know our challenges.

Share this if you agree. We have to stay mad enough to get people to the polls in November. Then we have to stay mad enough to get them there in 2024. Can you do it? I can. Join me. Support my campaign.

Endorsed by Emily’s List as a Pro-Choice candidate.

Endorsed by Moms Demand Action/Everytown for Gun Control

Paid for by The Committee to Elect Ellen T. Wright, P.O. Box 3816, LaGrange, GA 30241 http://www.wright4georgia.com ellen@wright4georiga.com

I Guess We’re Not In Kansas Anymore

Well, that referendum dropped a whole lot of conservatives in the creek this week, didn’t they, folks? Who would have guessed it would have been Kansas that would have handed out such a colossal slap in the face? The logic they used said that putting that item in on a primary in an “off” year would be “safe”. Nobody really goes to the polls anywhere for primaries. Just the diehard faithful who want to make sure their favorites make it to the general election. Turnout is normally very low. Plus, they intentionally made the language in the question very obtuse. You almost needed to be an attorney to read it and understand it.

BUT they did not reckon with the fact that the women and sympathetic men had been paying attention to the Dobbs decision. Big mistake.

Those folks went out and recruited voters. Voter registration went up 1000% and 70% of new voters were women. Never mess with a bunch of angry women. You will get your face handed to you.

Now “Christian Nationalists” and other so-called Right Wing Conservative groups around the country are backpedaling furiously to try to figure out what to do about this. They had been breaking their arms patting themselves on the back that they had “put it to the libs” on abortion. But they had made the assumption that American women would simply fall right in behind them docilely like sheep. That did not materialize at all. Instead, they are getting a pounding from their own ranks.

What do we, as Democrats, need to do?

  1. Emphasize the loss of RIGHTS. This resonates with them big time. The Right to Medical Privacy is lost when anybody but the woman and her doctor are involved in the decision-making process. The loss of the Right to the Pursuit of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness when somebody other than herself makes decisions for her about her goals and her future. The loss of her Right to Free Speech when she cannot speak up for herself to say whether or not she even wants to be a mother at this point in time.
  2. Avoid arguing with them re the biological process of the start of life. That is a religious and philosophical discussion best left to scholars. Very few lay people know anything about the actual biology involved so trying to point out the science to them is about as pointless as rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. Just don’t waste your time.
  3. Use the correct, most accurate words possible. It’s not a “fertilized egg”, it is a zygote. (BTW, they’ll get frustrated with you for this in all likelihood. But hang in there. You are correct. They aren’t. ) At six weeks along, you talk about an embryo, NOT a baby. At 12 weeks along, talk about a fetus until birth. Note: Babies can breathe on their own. None of these have that capacity. “Heartbeat bills” are really extreme bans on abortion procedures so say that. If they mention a “pregnancy crisis center”, clarify that what they are really talking about is a place that is intentionally designed to mislead, coerce, and manipulate pregnant people into staying pregnant long enough that they cannot obtain the procedure and must give birth whether that was their intention or not. They will then pressure them to give up their child to a for-profit adoption agency.
  4. Talk about the world you are fighting for. A world where people can make medical decisions for themselves without worrying about whether or not health insurance will be there for them and their families.
  5. Do not allow them to drag you off into the weeds with discussions of “personhood” or “viability”. These words are dog whistles for religious concepts that have absolutely no place in society except perhaps in philosophy. Their goal is to stigmatize the people who need a medical procedure for any reason that THEY deem to be illegitimate and thereby restricting everyone else’s reproductive, social, and moral freedoms for their own goals. It enslaves essentially an entire group of people solely for their reproductive capacity without their consent. I cannot think of much of anything that is further from the Constitution.

Keep registering voters. One of the reasons the people of Kansas shocked everyone was their turnout. It was A M A Z I N G. We CAN DO THIS. It is possible to pull this off. Kansas is about as red of a state in the nation as you’ll find.

I want to work for Reproductive Rights for everyone. I want to help make sure that if you need an abortion, you get it. If you need and want gender affirming care, no matter where you are, you have access to it. No one should ever have a problem getting the medical care they need for any reason. Healthcare is a RIGHT. The amount of cash in your pocket is irrelevant.

Healthcare includes vision, dental, hearing, and mental health. Never forget that. It comes with being a complete human being. Let’s make sure those get put BACK into the package.

Elect me as your State Senator.

Paid for by The Committee to Elect Ellen T. Wright, P.O. Box 3816, LaGrange, GA 30241 http://www.wright4georgia.com ellen@wright4georiga.com

The Misbegotten Dobbs Decision

There was a lot of fist bumping and congratulating going on when Justice Sam Alito’s (no, it wasn’t Thomas’s) majority opinion on Dobbs was released to the public. The ultra-conservatives really think they’ve won a ‘landmark’ decision over the hated liberals who are ‘baby killers’ and, for all they know, pedophiles. (We are neither one. In fact, every time the news pops up about a new ring being rounded up, doggone, if every single one of the perverts isn’t a Republican! It is the most incredible thing. So far, they haven’t explained that happening.)

When I made that image, I just tried to think of some of the ways that these VERY short-sighted people have willingly put blinders on themselves and the American public and they will cost us $MILLIONS in terms of healthcare and in terms of heartache, foster care, and, frankly, funerals. Families across this country will suffer enormously because of this decision.

First of all, a fertilized egg is not “alive”. If it was, no chicken farmer or family could eat a chicken egg with a speck of red on the yolk. Why? That was a fertilized egg. Any country or suburban family with hens and a rooster can tell you that. So do not tell me that a fertilized egg is a human being because it is not. It is a blastosphere or a zygote at best. It possesses the potential to become one, yes, but it most certainly is not there yet. Neither is an embryo “alive” yet. No one can look at an embryo of any species and tell one species from another. They all look the same. Twitching cardiac fibers does not a beating heart make. (I can take cardiac fibers and put them in saline in a petri dish then zap them with electrodes and make them twitch in a sort of beat for a while. Is that a heart? Nope.) Okay, then, what about when it gets to be a fetus? Well, you are already into the second trimester then. Usually, but not always, she knows she is pregnant. She is past the 12-week mark. But this thing still cannot breathe on its own. It kind of looks a little more human, but it isn’t quite there yet. How big is it? About the size of a plum. It wouldn’t even cover the palm of your hand.

The standard that medical science uses is called “viability” and that is based on whether or not the lungs are capable of fully expanding and exchanging oxygen. The little sacs (alveoli) in there have to do that or it simply does not matter how hard anybody tries, that fetus cannot live outside the mother. That act of BREATHING independently is the most critical issue about being alive. (Remember in Genesis where it says that “God breathed into Adam the Breath of Life”. Yeah. That critical.) And THAT, folks, simply does not happen until about the 28th to 30th week of pregnancy. The fetus is not truly viable outside of the uterus until then. That’s just a medical fact.

Now we can all wish it was different, but it isn’t.

If that zygote, embryo, or fetus, isn’t technically “alive”, then who has the job of saying whether it grows or not? To some extent, nobody does. Spontaneous “deaths” happen and the female never even knows it happened. A little later along, and it would be called a spontaneous abortion. Just Nature saying that this isn’t going to work out no matter what. Still further along and it will be called a “miscarriage” and this is where things can really get tricky. Why? Because all sorts of things happen and doctors have to intervene. If they don’t, the woman could wind up permanently scarred for the rest of her life or even dead. But it is also where some people have been putting their religious beliefs in the way of women getting the medical care they MUST HAVE.

Ectopic pregnancies are another one. Contrary to myth, these pregnancies must be terminated. They cannot be implanted in the uterus to be carried to term. The time for that is long past. If the termination is not performed swiftly, the woman will endure tremendous pain, rupture, bleed internally, may become septic, and, without intervention, die. The hospitals are playing an extremely dangerous game of Russian roulette with these women’s lives. It is arguably medical malpractice.

I could go on and on with these scenarios. All of them are dangerous and every single one of them is tantamount to medical malpractice. Unfortunately, it is NOT the doctors’ choice, but the HOSPITAL ATTORNEYS and INSURANCES who are driving this insanity because of Dobbs.

On the other side of this are the mothers and babies who will suffer.

  • Mothers who will be in Domestic Violence situations and cannot leave because that state will not grant divorces to pregnant women.
  • Children who will be neglected and/or abused because of being unwanted. Foster systems will be overloaded.
  • Adoption agencies will not be able to place the black and brown babies that will predominate the systems.
  • More children will be born addicted.
  • School systems cannot handle the children we have now, so how are they going to handle the influx of children in six years?
  • Men will skip out on child support so more women and children will need more help from our social services systems.
  • Can you say where in the HELL is the money coming from for all this?

Justices Alito, Thomas, Kavanaugh, Gorsuch, and Barrett may be truly devout when they worship, but they have done what the men who wrote our founding documents feared the most, i.e. they have force-fed their religious beliefs upon all of us and that is unforgivable. We must take steps to remedy this situation as quickly as possible.

WOMEN MUST HAVE THE RIGHT TO DECIDE THEIR OWN MEDICAL DECISIONS FOR THEMSELVES INCLUDING REPRODUCTIVE CHOICES. It is the same exact right accorded to the male of the species. If you do not want the procedure, do not have one done. But by the same token, do not stand in the way of someone else either. It is her choice.

I want to help Stacey Abrams as Governor and Charlie Bailey as Lt. Governor of the State of Georgia pass legislation to protect the rights of women to make their own decisions. Will you help elect me to the Georgia State Senate in District 29?

Paid for by The Committee to Elect Ellen T. Wright, P.O. Box 3816, LaGrange, GA 30241 http://www.wright4georgia.com ellen@wright4georiga.com

I Continue To Stand With Ukraine

  1. Yes, I know that sending arms to Ukraine is more than likely responsible for the price hikes at the gas pumps. I do not care. I don’t like it any more than you do, but that was the decision of the OIL COMPANIES, not the Biden Harris administration. The oil companies are angry because they were made to come home, bring their technology and equipment with them, and stop selling to the Russians in their extremely high-dollar ventures in the Russian oil and gas fields. If there is any bitching, whining, or complaining to be done, have at it over at their place. They (especially Rex Tillerson who you might remember as CEO of EXXON and former SOS for 45 is VERY buddy, buddy with Putin and the Gazprom boys) and his friends do not like losing “their” profits. Well, cry me a river.
  2. Absolutely, the Russians were causing problems with their embargo of wheat shipments out of Odessa (and still are). [Frankly, do not be surprised if those a$$holes haven’t mined the sea clear out to Istanbul.] They are not anyone’s friends. I don’t care what that idiot ever claimed about them, China, or North Korea. Putin might be in horrible health, but his goal is still the same, i.e. the total domination of the United States of America and, hopefully, in the process, being able to rule the rest of the world. (I think Canada and Australia among others would stand up to him, but he dreams big.) The Russians can and will weaponize ANYTHING. Hunger, rape, thirst, cold, heat, torture-if the human mind can come up with it, they’ll do it. History has proven that. The CIA isn’t in the same league with those guys.
  3. The Ukrainians have my utmost admiration for hanging in there. They KNOW how long the odds are against them and yet they fight. I am in a long odds situation here and I still fight. I won’t lose my home, my family, or my life like they stand to do, but it is still a battle for a win. Persistence has its own virtue. You keep going. You do what you can with what you’ve got. You score a point here and then move over there to see if you can score one there. Slavi Ukraine.
  4. And I know that the entire situation with the sanctions on Russia is driving worldwide inflation. Blame it all on Vladimir if you just have to cry. He started all this by moving his troops into Ukraine. He didn’t need to, he should not have, but he did it anyway. Raw abuse of power. If you start whining about Biden, I swear I’m not listening. We reacted to the actions of a mad man. It was NOT a decision we wanted to make. So if you want it to stop, AGAIN I tell you, go talk to Vlad. I’m not interested in listening to you.

I keep hoping either Putin will kick the bucket or the Ukrainians will win outright. So far, I’m not getting either wish. Someday soon, the end will come. I suspect that when it does, Putin will totally lose power. It will be interesting to see who over here does as well.

Who are you backing in November? I will be backing the entire Democratic ballot. That is Stacey Abrams for Governor, Charlie Bailey for Lt. Governor, Bee Nguyen for SOS, Jen Jordan for Attorney General, William Boddie for Labor Commissioner, Janice Laws for Insurance, Patty Durand (D2) and Sheila Edwards (D3) for Public Service Commissioner, Alisha Searcy for Superintendent of Schools, 39 Democrats running for our state Senate (and I’m one of them!!) (18 of them are incumbents, but with redistricting??), and 115 Democrats running for the General Assembly (180 total). (62 incumbents). Plus any of the people who are local to my county (Meriwether). It’s important to vote for the local races because they do influence the things that go on further up the chain.

Paid for by The Committee to Elect Ellen T. Wright, P.O. Box 3816, LaGrange, GA 30241 http://www.wright4georgia.com ellen@wright4georiga.com

Just WHAT Is Their Problem?

You cannot find a group of people here in the US of A that does not pound their chest, fly the flag, and insist they love the military (and law enforcement) more than the GOP. To hear them say it, they are just DRIPPING in patriotism and got it oozing from their pores. (Actually, I’ve always been looking for a cause of death in the newspaper that one of them DROWNED in it, but so far, no treasure, darn it.) But let’s look at some REAL indicators of patriotism here, and I’m not talking about wearing red, white, and blue, standing at attention, or reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. Those are, frankly, window dressing. Let’s see some honest-to-the-bone patriotism.

  • You take care of the folks in uniform. Always. You make sure they have safe and secure housing no matter where they are around the world. Too many are living in sub-standard places that have mold, rats, appliances that don’t work, roofs that leak, and plumbing that hasn’t worked in YEARS. This is unacceptable. FIX IT OR REPLACE IT NOW.
  • Pay those people living wages. Doggone it, why are the paycheck lenders making a killing right outside our bases? It’s because our troops can’t make it from paycheck to paycheck! They are predators just waiting to make money off our men and women because they need the money to pay their bills. So let’s do two things-let’s pay them enough and let’s make paycheck lending (which is just this side of usury) a thing of the past.
  • Take care of military dependents better. These are the families and loved ones of those who have been deployed and they have been left behind. Ask them what they need and then get it for them. Stop this business of “we can’t do that, it costs too much.” Their loved one may have to give their life. That really does cost too much. Get over yourselves.
  • Veterans-all of them. It does not matter what branch of the service or what theater they served in abroad or at home. If they served, they served. Give them the healthcare they deserve. That includes vision, dental, medical, and psychiatric. If they came in contact with a poisonous material, treat them for it. If they suffered concussive injury to their brains from IEDs, treat that. If they saw their command blown to bits here or in some foreign place, treat their minds. We owe them that.
  • We owe it to them to bring them all home. Find them. No matter what and bring them home.
  • Last rites-if they so choose, the ending that they want. With full honors.

I’m tired of platitudes of patriotism that send our troops into harm’s way with all the bunting and hoopla, but then when they come home and ask for help, crickets. The Republican Party just voted against the bill this week that would have given veterans help with Iraq/Afghanistan burn pit health issues. These are not just coughing and wheezing although though asthma did result from exposure. We’re talking various types of cancers that are just not normally seen and they are DYING from them. They need help. But those “patriotic” GOP politicians got their shorts in a wad and said no. I, and quite a few others, am furious.

These are the names of the Senators who votes against that bill:

  1. John A. Barrasso, WY
  2. Marsha Blackburn, TN
  3. Roy Blunt, MO
  4. Mike Braun, IN
  5. Richard Burr, NC
  6. Bill Cassidy, LA
  7. John Cornyn, TX
  8. Tom Cotton, AR
  9. Kevin Cramer, ND
  10. Mike Crapo, ID
  11. Ted Cruz, TX,
  12. Steve Daines, MT
  13. Joni Ernst, IA
  14. Deb Fischer, NE
  15. Bill Hagerty, TN
  16. Josh Hawley, MO
  17. Cindy Hyde-Smith, MS
  18. Jim Inhofe, OK
  19. Ron Johnson, WI
  20. John Neely Kennedy, LA
  21. James Lankford, OK
  22. Mike Lee, UT
  23. Cynthia Lummis, WY
  24. Roger Marshall, KS
  25. Mitch McConnell, KY
  26. Rand Paul, KY
  27. Rob Portman, OH
  28. Jim Risch, ID
  29. Mitt Romney, UT
  30. Mike Rounds, SD
  31. Ben Sasse, NE
  32. Rick Scott, FL
  33. Tim Scott, SC
  34. Richard Shelby, AL
  35. Dan Sullivan, AK
  36. John Thune, SD
  37. Thom Tillis, NC
  38. Patrick Toomey, PA
  39. Tommy Tuberville, AL
  40. Roger Wicker, MS
  41. Todd Young, IN

This November, please remember who voted FOR Veterans and their healthcare. Vote for people who will consistently put YOUR good first and never hold back. These people vote for their corporate donors. Their state counterparts do the same things. They do not care about you. They care about stockholders, the businesses that write them big checks, and the ones that they hold stock in. You? You are a nuisance they have coddle to get elected and that all. They show it by not showing up any other time. It’s time for you to get disgusted with them and show them who is really in charge. Vote them OUT.

Vote for a Democrat instead. You won’t break out in a rash. You might find out you like it. I’m one. I might make a good Senator. I’ll certainly be a better one than the guy who is on the job now. Let’s find out.

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WANTED: ALB (aka Asian Longhorned Beetles) May Be In Trees In Your Yard

The USDA Animal and Plants Inspection Service puts out these warnings and bulletins every so often to make people aware of plants and animals that we need to be aware of, sometimes deal with ourselves, sometimes let professionals deal with, and when/if they want to know if they have shown up near you.

This “charming” creature (that looks suspiciously like something Rita Skeeter might conjure) is the subject of the current bulletin. It usually emerges as an adult around this time of year so you may see it. More likely, you’ll see and/or experience the damage it causes when the trees lose limbs or just fall over during storms.

Unfortunately, it does not seem to have any natural enemies here in this country so we will have to be watchful for its presence and take steps to control it.

Note the white striping on antennae and glossy body. The antennae are also longer than the body on the invasive species. The white spotting on the body is variable. You may see the holes on the trees that they emerge from that will be approximately the size of a dime. They lay eggs in indentations on the tree about the same size. Sawdust may be present directly under these holes on the tree or on the ground.

 If you think you found a beetle or tree damage, report it by calling the ALB hotline at 1-866-702-9938 or submitting an online report at www.AsianLonghornedBeetle.com. Try to photograph the ALB or tree damage. If you can, capture the beetle in a durable container and freeze it, which helps preserve the insect for identification. Then report it.

Do not move UNTREATED firewood if you know or suspect these beetles may be in your area. You may be spreading them to other places. Follow USDA guidelines for handling the wood.  www.AsianLonghornedBeetle.com

District 29 is primarily rural and we love to live in a rural community. But we have to work together to maintain that character. Being aware of things like this and acting responsibly keeps our way of life intact for ourselves, our neighbors, and all of our children.

Help me get to the Senate so that I can work to help maintain Georgia and its environment as beautiful and wonderful as it is for the future. We need government that cares enough about its citizens to work on keeping the environment a safe and clean place to live. Republicans just seem to want to exploit the earth’s resources for money. It’s ridiculous, not to mention just flat out poor stewardship. We have just one Earth. All of the world’s faiths teach that we are to care for the Earth carefully and responsibly. Not a single one teaches exploitation.

I want responsible, healthy growth for District 29 that ensures everyone including those not yet born will have jobs, housing, and a fantastic place to live. I know that can be done because it has been done. We can do it, too. Vote for me and let me help bring that kind of future here. We deserve it.

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We Are The Largest Minority of All

That is a fact.

That is the reason that men have for millennia worked to brainwash women into thinking that we are the ‘weaker sex’ (we are not), we are inferior (wrong again), that they are naturally superior (at what? bullshitting? even that’s debatable), and that we need protecting especially during pregnancy (oh, come OFF IT! have you ever seen most men even try to WATCH a baby being born? You have to step over them.)

Women slightly out-number men in total population as a whole. We tend to live longer and we tend to be healthier overall than men. We are the survivors of humanity.

We have allowed them to get inside our heads with this nonsense. Here’s the nitty-gritty: Males have one trait that only they can do which is produce sperm. Females have two traits that only they can do which is produce ova to be fertilized by sperm and carry the resulting fetus to birth and to lactate to feed the child. That’s the sum total of the differences. Other than those two things, it is a matter of brain and brawn. Males generally have more brawn, females more brain.

It is NOT a matter of who is superior but of managing differences. We are NOT the same but we should be playing on an equal playing field. A field goal kicker is not ‘better than’ the punt returner on a football team. They have different jobs and they excel at them. A goalie is valuable to a team for preventing goals just as a striker is valuable for attempting them. Different skills, but just the players are still valued.

Do not listen to the garbage. You are one in a million. You have the right to be here. Own it. Make it yours.

Vote for Democrats that support Women’s Rights to the hilt. We cannot allow the current situation to continue. We cannot go back to those dark days. Join with us and keep other women alive and healthy even if it means going to jail to do so. Be brave. Be courageous. Be strong.

Vote for me, Stacey Abrams, Chris Carr, Jen Jordan, and the entire ballot of Democrats on Nov. 8. We need your support.

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But Kemp Says We Have Great Schools

And if you believe a word that guy says, you have a gullibility problem, my friend.

Here’s why:

To say that, the head of the school systems in Georgia has to do some World Poker Tour card shark tactics with the numbers. Georgia Schools ARE better, but only if you compare them year to year with Georgia schools. How is that bad, you ask? Well, it isn’t if you compare our schools to, oh, say, Louisiana, Arkansas, or West Virginia. They have lower tax bases, higher rates of poverty, and higher minorities. The schools reflect that. But if you compare Georgia to California, New York, Maryland, or Massachusetts, we look like utter garbage.

Georgia’s NATIONAL ranking is 30th overall. That’s 30 out of 50. Not 30%. That’s really crappy. We do have some outstanding schools in our state, don’t get me wrong. But you have to pay to get your children in them. (Which is another issue I want to address, but not now.)


Because they do not want the parents of Georgia children to know how badly the education system of Georgia schools has gotten. If the parents got a whiff of that, then they would know that all the money that has been diverted over the years by Governors Sonny Perdue and Nathan Deal into their own pockets and that of their cronies in the name of ‘budget cutting’ CHEATED their children enormously. And it continues to cheat children today. So far, we have had 20 years of budget cutting and our schools took tremendous hits. It shows. The numbers do not lie. Kemp and Woods know that.

But do you think for an instant that our Senator would have the nerve to research this and bring it to your attention? Oh, no. Your children’s education is not important to him because he sent his children to private schools and will send his youngest to a private school. It doesn’t matter to him.

I want to see the children who go to PUBLIC SCHOOLS get quality educations. You might have noticed that Republicans want to privatize education so they control it and make big money on it. That’s what Betsy DeVos was trying to do. That’s why they are trying to take over our school boards. We cannot allow this. Taxpayer money belongs to the public schools, and taxpayers, all of us, deserve to have school boards elected by the people controlling our schools, not soccer moms and blown-out knee dads with C/D averages.

Help me get to the Senate so I can work for your children and grandchildren to have the education they need and deserve. Georgia’s future is dependent on it. Our district needs this to attract more businesses. We MUST do better.

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Another Accomplishment To Add to Huge List

President Biden and his team have an awesome list of accomplishments to crow about, but they don’t. You have to look hard to find them. So I’m going to start listing some of them so people will know about this remarkable administration.

Recently, Secretary Vilsack announced that over the next decade, the Forest Service plans to eliminate their backlog with the help of the Infrastructure Plan (itself a major accomplishment) and plant one billion trees to aid in the climate disaster that we are currently facing. https://tinyurl.com/22299ma8 The Forest Service has been hindered for decades by low or no funding to manage our national forests adequately and, in some cases, this has contributed to the massive wildfires and subsequent ash/mud flooding such as we are currently experiencing out in the Western states.

We can improve the health of our forests, learn more about how to protect our communities while protecting wildlife at the same time, and manage wildfire and flooding better. But it takes time and funding to do an adequate job. This recognizes that need.

Another way the Biden-Harris Administration Infrastructure Plan is helping people that you’ll never hear about is putting in water and wastewater treatment https://tinyurl.com/msrrvs9z systems in rural communities, tribal, and socially vulnerable areas. It is just not “newsworthy” so the media will not cover it, but the residents out there are grateful! (But you better believe the Republicans are taking credit for getting it out there even though they voted against it!) Yes, some of this is going on here in Georgia, but this is the write up from the agency. Apply for a loan? https://tinyurl.com/mr22n9re

The American Rescue Plan of 2021 also has funds available for rural people to access who need housing who fill certain criteria for income. https://tinyurl.com/mr22n9re If these individuals are in need of safe, sanitary housing, it is possible that you may qualify for some of this money if you apply before Sept 30, 2023. The funds are there. But the money has to be applied for.

I’m going to leave these here for now. If you find something that you can use, please let me know. I’d love to hear about it. Government is about helping people, not about telling them what they can or cannot do. I want to go to the State Senate to help Stacey Abrams and Chris Carr begin the process of returning the General Assembly to the people of Georgia which is something that it is not been for years. We need responsive government-not a body that listens only to the national Republican Party. They don’t know what we need or want.

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Guess You Heard About The Price Of Gas? Postage Stamps? Yeah, well..

Oh, boy, did my mom do a good job with me. She taught me not to go asking people for money. If I wanted something, I was to either save for it or make the money myself. Don’t buy on credit and don’t go asking other people for their hard-earned money. She was a child of the Depression era and we ate a lot of Spam, mac and cheese, tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches, and baloney growing up when we weren’t eating out of my grandparent’s vegetable garden. I’ve lost my taste for the baloney, but I still love the rest. I still have a very hard time asking for fiscal help, too.

The trouble is that political campaigns have gotten extremely costly. Unless you “know” people like my opponent does, getting people to contribute is really difficult to do and this summer has been worse than ever. I am NOT complaining. That’s just a fact. From the biggest races to the smallest, we all need money. Each supporter only has a finite resource to spread around.

Here’s what I want you to do for me:

I want you to go get all that change out of the sofa, recliner, under the car seat, in the console of the car, ash tray, side pocket, coat pocket, pocketbook bottom, or change basket on the top of your dresser and send it to me. You can take it to the store and exchange it for a gift card if that’s convenient and mail the gift card to me. Banks will take it and give you the money back. (My bank has a coin machine in it.) Just send me all that loose change. If I’m going to be at an event, I’ll just take the loose change. Not a problem. For example, I will be at the Emerge event in Columbus on 7/22 at 3:30 pm. I’m also planning on attending the Troup County Dems Monthly Meeting in August. I hope to see the Muscogee, Meriwether, and Harris Dems as well.

Every little bit helps. You do not have to live in District 29 to contribute. The maximum donation per person is $2800 which I doubt anyone will get close to. If you have that many pennies in a jar, you’re going to need a forklift to move it!

Come on and help me out. Yard signs cost about $6-8/each to print. That’s the bulk rate. If you want a yard sign, then I need the money to order them. I have to order about 500 at a time to get that pricing, and that will be well over $4500. Nothing is cheap.

Let’s put some gas in the tank of my old junker car!!

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Women Are At Least Equal In Life-Which Must Be Scary To Some People!

Let’s start with the first most basic fact that drives people who subscribe to the patriarchal system absolutely crazy:

  • There is not a single person on this earth who got here without a woman.

Trace every bit of work done on this planet. No matter whose hands did the labor, a woman made those hands. It is impossible to get away from that fact.

It is also nearly impossible to find a person who was not nurtured for most of the early years of their life, almost exclusively by women. There are some exceptions, of course, but for the most part, humans are fed, bathed, diapered, played with, educated by, taken to the doctor, and put to bed by women. If something happens while the primary caregivers are away, who will the substitutes call? The woman. Even if they have written instructions to call her male counterpart, they will call her first.

What’s my point?

Well, I grew up in an evangelical, fundamentalist church. Mainline Christian, if you really need to know. Reformation with Thomas and Alexander Campbell and Barton W. Stone at Cane Ridge Church, KY. I’ve even been to the old church. The background started as an amalgam of Presbyterian and old-time Baptist and then they “made their own” after that. It’s complicated, to say the least. And all this happened right before 1860 so things were sort of in an uproar anyway. They’d have big camp meetings with preachers standing on stumps preaching for 2-3 HOURS and people falling out, barking like dogs, and getting ‘saved’. (I think it may have been heat stroke, but they believed it.)

Bring all that forward to 2022 and you have a mishmash of the Southern Baptists and all the various other Baptists, various Methodists, various Presbyterians, plus the Church of Christ, Church of God, Pentecostals, Church of the Nazarenes, and assorted others which can be of many sizes, shapes, and colors. Some will be huge (Joel Osteen’s mega church in Lakewood, Tx, J. D. Jakes’ Church with his family is enormous, Jimmy Swaggert’s empire, The 700 Club, and many, many others) and all the way down to the little storefront churches you see in just about every community that have maybe 10-15 people.

One thing they all have in common is their view of the role of women in society. It is clearly the one of the ancient patriarchy going back thousands of years into antiquity. Don’t let them kid you. Even their own scriptures do not support their beliefs. But they are told by their teachers and preachers that this is what is “ordained” by their Creator and so they work against their very natures and psyches to change themselves to become “perfect wives and mothers”. It doesn’t dawn on them that the very fact that their fact that something inside of them is saying “no, this is wrong” might be the correct thing and the men at their church might be wrong. It tears them up inside and they are miserable. It is so sad. I know. I’ve been there.

Men want to dominate women because they fear us. They always have and always will. It’s really very simple when you get right down to it. They cannot reproduce on their own. They need us. Furthermore, while our reproduction rate is fairly slow (compared to some other mammals like rabbits or deer), we can repopulate an area given enough time, food, water, and safety. They are helpless to do that. Plus, biologically speaking, we need only a single sperm donor for the project. If that was to be put to a competition, how many of them would lose? Oh, yeah, that scares them. It’s the old “I’m not good enough to get a mate” that the involuntary celibates complain about.

That is why they have systematically brainwashed the women in churches, white supremacy, white nationalist, and a lot of black supremacy groups to believe that they MUST be submissive to their men, not speak until told to do so, raise the children, be a willing partner for sex whenever he pleases, have as many children as he wants, have his meals hot on the table when he gets home, always look fantastic, take his abuse, never complain, and on and on. What it amounts to is Sharia law. It just is not codified into our legal system-yet. They will try to get there.

They truly believe that women are secondary citizens or less. That’s what I was taught. I no longer accept that.

If anything, we are superior to men.

Right now, we are fighting for a LEVEL PLAYING FIELD. We will get it.

I want to get to the Georgia State Senate to help fight for the RIGHTS of the women of District 29. Our current Senator does not support the Right of Privacy of a women to seek her own healthcare choices. He wants to BAN all healthcare choices for women who need them from the 6th week of pregnancy on. That includes women who might need a D&C for an incomplete miscarriage, be a victim of incest or rape, be a minor child under the age of 14 (they can be as young as 9), a woman whose health dictates that she needs a medication that cannot be given because of a pregnancy, ectopic pregnancies, friable uteri, incompetent cervix, and on and on. The medical list for valid reasons for doing one go far beyond just “I don’t want another child”.

Yet he is willing to risk BOTH LIVES in exchange for a few cells that aren’t even a human being yet. It’s absurd.

Help me defeat this guy on Nov. 8, and get protections for women put into law here in Georgia. We deserve to be protected. We are WORTH being protected. We have the RIGHT to our healthcare choices being private.

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Just a Few “Good” People?

Yeah, right. Oh, excuse me. It was supposed to be “Only the best people”. At what? Being dyed in the wool traitors? Straight off-the-shelf lunatics? Or would you prefer white supremacists or white nationalists? Maybe card-carrying Russian trolls? Ye gods and little fishes, folks, we have a sampling of all of the above and probably some more despicable types thrown in there. No screenplay writers back in the days of McGovern could have possibly come up with such a cast of nasty people willing to try to take down our government and our country in just four years time.

But damned if Putin and that board at the National Council for Policy that Ginni Thomas is a part of didn’t come within a gnat’s eyelash of doing it. (Makes me think of that “cabal” on Blacklist that went after Reddington. Scary folks.) (You also have to be a member of The Federalist Society and a graduate of a certain elite law school to be a member.)

On July 21, we will have the 8th televised hearing of the House Select Committee for the Investigation of the January 6 Events/Riots. The steady drumbeat of evidence has come almost entirely from Republican sources and witnesses. The timeline and steady flow of information is painting a portrait of a desperate, ambitious, determined individual who had laid all this out with numerous individuals who had allied themselves with him for their own reasons over a period of months prior to the actual happening. He almost certainly knew that there was a good probability that he would lose the election in January 2020 and he began to plan this then.

He even began talking about how the “election would be rigged” to start preparing his base to fall in behind his plan that far in advance. He already had ties to the Proud Boys, 3%ers, and various white nationalist groups through Bannon, Gorka, and Miller. He would need to convince various members of Congress, but they fell in line, too. If only he could convince his Vice President to follow the script.

The swing states fell through on throwing the Electoral College over his way. Why did there have to be ETHICAL people? It would be so easy if people would just do what they were told like his friends’ Putin’s and Un’s people did. If they didn’t, they just disappeared and more amenable people took their place. Why does the USA have to be so difficult?

Thank God we are that difficult. We are supposed to be difficult. Our system of government has checks and balances to keep people like Donald Trump from assuming total control. Governing is not supposed to be simple. It should not be. Ambitious, cruel, sick men like Trump should never happen. We are going to have to strengthen our control systems.

I want to be part of that solution. I want to help devise a way to keep nasty people like him and the people who nearly overturned our government out of politics. Will you help me by voting for me on Nov. 8?

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BUT They Claim To Be FOR Our Military And Our Veterans. Yeah? Prove it!

If you go back through all the bills and legislation that has EVER come through both Washington, DC or through the state houses of this country, you will be extremely hard pressed to find ANYTHING where the Republican Party members have voted IN FAVOR of anything that has to do with taking care of our military troops and their families or our veterans and their families or survivors. This has gone on for DECADES.

But to hear them tell it, they LOVE OUR TROOPS. Yeah, right. When they can send them somewhere to go get shot up, bleed, and die, come home in body bags, and they can stand at attention beside the caskets and pose for pictures with the families. Or they can award Purple Hearts to people, smile for the camera, and shake hands before they’re off to the next point and shoot. Sounds cynical, doesn’t it? It’s not. It’s what they do.

Why do they do it? Well, that’s really pretty easy, but you may think this answer is cynical, too. It’s not. Money. Like most things with people who gravitate to power, the money is usually somewhere around. Here it lies in the “investments” they have in the so-called “war machine”. This is probably best illustrated by Dick Cheney’s interest to the tune of millions of dollars in Halliburton which was sending mercenary soldiers, civilian contractors (truck drivers, cargo handlers, logistic handlers, prison guards, etc) over to Iraq during Operation Desert Storm. Halliburton charged the USA millions upon millions to supply men, materials, security, and transportation during that time. Because Cheney owned stock in Halliburton, he, as VP, was making a killing off the killing in that country. No wonder he was such a proponent of sending more troops over there!

Cheney was far from the only Republican doing so at the time, and many have done so since then. Here in Georgia, most notably, Nathan Deal (who went to Washington as a Democrat from the 9th District in 1992, then changed to Republican in 1995) came back from Washington, where he had served as a Congressman, in disgrace after he had been found by the Office of Congressional Ethics to have “appeared to have improperly used his office staff to pressure Georgia officials to continue the state vehicle inspection program that generated hundreds of thousands of dollars a year for his family’s auto salvage business. ” Deal contended that he had done no wrong. However, due to the investigation, Deal resigned in March `2010 and came back to Georgia essentially bankrupt.

But here’s the odd thing about Nathan Deal. He promptly got with the Georgia Republicans, defeated Karen Handel in the Republican primary for the Governor’s seat, and proceeded to hold the office for the next 8 years. When he left that office, Nathan Deal, his family members, and a goodly number of his friends were multi-millionaires. The Governor’s job pays $175,000/year. Now how in the heck did that happen? The auto salvage business is just not that lucrative that I am aware of. Not unless they are finding trunk loads of cash in those wrecked cars anyway!

So exactly WHAT is their problem with taking care of the PEOPLE connected with our military? The best answer I can figure out is that is if the government actually PAYS our troops a living wage and builds adequate housing that doesn’t have leaks, miserable plumbing, inadequate insulation, no heat or AC, appliances that do not work, septic that does not back up, and all that a family requires, they act like the money actually comes out of their personal paychecks. Same goes for healthcare, mental health, dependents, and everything else. It is money that is not going into the “military industrial complex” and that means they don’t get a piece of the pie.

Well, boo hoo hoo.

I’m sick of that nonsense. I’m sick of all their corruption. But this just makes me madder than…a wet cat. I start getting the impulse to want to go hurt somebody and that’s not a good thing. Our military and veterans make sacrifices for us. They deserve much better than what the tight-fisted Republicans will do for them.

How do the Democrats compare? Quite well. Everything that the Military and Veterans have gotten in the way of pay raises, coverage for things like Agent Orange (Vietnam Vets), Suicide Prevention programs, Closed Head Trauma Recognition and Treatment programs, Post Traumatic Stress Recognition and Treatment, Burn Pit Toxicity and Treatment, Homeless Veterans Reintegration, and on and on, have ALL been passed and funded when the Democrats had a majority in both houses of Congress and had the White House. It is virtually impossible to get anything done if the Republicans control anything.

Bottom line takeaway:

Republicans talk very big and very pretty for our military, their dependents, and our veterans and their dependents, but where the rubber meets the road? They have a 100% failure rate.

No commander in charge of troops would continue to lead with that kind of failure rate. He’d be re-assigned, demoted, and possibly even court martialed. Voters need to consider the WHY? of their decision to vote for these so-called “patriots” who do not take care of real patriots.

I’m running for the Georgia State Senate. It doesn’t do much for the military, but it does for our law enforcement, fire, EMS, Forestry agents, Agricultural inspection agents, environmental inspection agents, and other enforcement personnel. It also has the responsibility to make certain that they are taken care of on the job and after they leave for whatever reason.

That’s why I was appalled that last year, Georgia passed and signed into law a bill that makes it possible for just any old Joe, Jane, Amy, or Jack to carry any concealed weapon of their choice. This endangers our law enforcement greatly. They now have to “see” every single person as being “strapped” and they will react accordingly. They have to. They will have absolutely no way to know who is the “bad guy” or who is the “good guy”. Their training and their instincts will tell them to shoot to kill if they see somebody with anything in their hands or a possible bulge under their clothing. People will die because of this law that shouldn’t have had to worry. Collateral damage deaths will soar.

The Senator for District 29 was one of the sponsors for this ill-considered bill. I’m sure he’s proud of it as Brian Kemp was proud of it. The interesting thing is that the Brotherhood of Police recommended AGAINST it. But he worked for getting it passed anyway in spite of being a past County Sheriff Deputy and past President of that organization. I guess getting those votes from the MAGA faithful is just more important than preventing deaths.

I am endorsed by Moms Demand Action and Everytown for Gun Safety. I want common sense gun laws. Letting anybody have a gun is reckless behavior. Not doing thorough background screening is patently insane. Allowing immature people to purchase weapons is asking for trouble. Not having a system in place to notify authorities of possible mental health or anger issues is begging for mass shootings. We can do this. We license massage therapists, barbers, hair stylists, drivers, big truck drivers, business owners, bar owners, but for some weird reason, we balk at licensing gun owners? It’s insane.

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To Give You An Idea Of How A Candidate Spends Campaign Funds

This running for a political office stuff is definitely not cheap. Not by a very long shot. That’s why it seems that every candidate (including me) keeps asking for financial support. Frankly, we all abhor, hate, despise, and loathe having to do it. It is a necessity, though, because otherwise, those people who are NOT on Facebook, on Twitter, on Instagram, reading a newspaper or whatever, will not have a snowflake’s chance on a hot griddle of knowing who I am. Who knows? I might really be the better choice. It happens from time to time.

So let’s do a little basic math. I know. EW, ick, numbers. Do we have to?

Just to print that many postcards would be $10,370.

Postage would be roughly $2440.

Just that would be $12, 810. Which doesn’t include the cost of addressing, sorting, labeling, and getting them mailed out.

My campaign funds right now do not make it to the comma. We have just over one hundred days to the election. I need your help to stay competitive in this race.

You do not have to live in this district to donate. You do not have to donate in large amounts. What matters is that you support my campaign. If every person on my FB list donated $100, I would be well on my way to getting this done. I know some people can do more. Some cannot do that much. That’s fine. I can’t respond to every request either. Just do what you can.

In the meantime, I will be looking at ways to get this done as economically as possible. Thank you, my friends, from the bottom of my heart.

Paid for by The Committee to Elect Ellen T. Wright, P.O. Box 3816, LaGrange, GA 30241 http://www.wright4georgia.com ellen@wright4georiga.com

Odious Chores, Necessary Business

I LOATHE housework. My sibling would love to do nothing else. Sometimes we’ve wondered if we had the same parents.

That is not to say that I do not do it or that I’m bad at it. I just hate doing it. I’d rather go out and clean the barn, horse trailer, or get filthy stretching fence, etc. But I generally wait until the weather heats up and going outside gets to be impossible, then I’ll do housework. It’s not spring cleaning around here. It’s summer cleaning. What the heck.

But there comes a time for everyone that you have to pull EVERYTHING out of the closets and reacquaint yourselves with the contents. You know what I mean. Oh, there’s that _____ I thought I’d lost! Shoot, I can’t wear that anymore. Crap, look at the cat hair on that. Look at the moth holes in that one. And you try on, sort, and throw out, give away, and wash stuff. Then make a list to go shopping because, well, your closet shrank some stuff. At least that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

And then there’s the drawers, under the furniture, behind stuff on shelves, back behind things in cabinets, and, oh, did you clean the upper levels of the kitchen? Then on to things like porches, basements, and garages if you have them. Don’t forget the gutters.

Do I do all this every year? Mostly. I won’t claim to be perfect, but I’ll hit a darn good lick at it. Why? Because if I don’t, nobody else will and it will still be there.

That’s my point about our government. Nobody has done a good cleaning for quite some time. In effect, what we’ve got is a ‘HOARDERS’ situation. If you’ve ever seen that show on cable, then you know the horror cleaning that stuff out can be. There’s what you can see, but then there’s what’s UNDER all that stuff. We’re pretty certain that a good bit of corruption exists, but how far does it go? The only way to know is to start cleaning.

Grab the HAZMAT suit, hood, and respirator mask. If we, the voters, want this done, then we are going to have to VOTE SOME OF THESE LONG TERM REPUBLICANS OUT. Maybe some of the long term Democrats, too. (Joe Manchin, I’m thinking about you in particular in DC. ) In the Georgia General Assembly, we sure have some LONG TERM FOLKS up there, don’t we? David Ralston, Butch Miller, Mike Dugan, Steve Gooch, Larry Walker, Dean Burke, Jan Jones, Jon Burns, Matt Hatchett, Micah Gravley, Bruce Williamson, or Rob Leverett. These are just suggestions. They’ve been there quite some time and possibly need to find something less to do. There may be others.

Yes, I know there are some long term Democrats, and I’m aware that Democrats can be corrupt as well. They’re just not as likely to be. But if they are, then they need to go, too.

(Yes, I am open to talking about “term limits”. I am cautious with that because there is a learning curve with the job and it does take time to figure out “the ropes” necessary to do an adequate job in politics just like any other job. Most people say it takes 3-5 years and I realize that is not what most people talking about this topic want to hear. However, I was in management for 15 years and that’s about average for new hires. If you take that into consideration, then base your calculation on the results your elected official is getting for your area and the responsiveness you receive. That’s your answer.)

Who am I talking about? Anybody who went into office broke, in bankruptcy, or with just a middle class income, but is now a multi-millionaire. People DO NOT get wealthy on government salaries. EVER. Some of these people have become billionaires. Example: Mitch McConnell. He went into the Senate with a little bit of money. He’s now rolling in it and his wife, Elaine Chao, is a multi-millionaire. Both have benefitted immensely from their government connections. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler were caught doing insider trading during the pandemic. They were never punished, but they made millions. So did other Republicans. The loopholes need to be closed and the unspoken agreement not to prosecute sitting Senators and Congress members needs to hit the trash can. They are no better than the rest of us. If anything, they should be prosecuted FASTER. They are supposed to be better than that.

On the State level, Nathan Deal came home from Washington where he’d been found to have his sticky fingers in the till and was allowed to leave in a state of bankruptcy. Two years later, he’s in Georgia’s Governor’s Mansion. After eight years, he leaves a multi-millionaire. Hello? On a salary of $178K/year? I don’t think so. Nobody I know can turn a profit like that on the stock market THAT fast. Sonny Perdue did the same thing. Maybe that brick edifice has a printing press in the basement, but I think the Feds would know about it by now. Something is really fishy.

That’s why YOU, the voters, need to think very seriously about why you keep vote all these incumbents back into office if you think government is so corrupt. If they’re corrupt, why are you sending them back to do more of the same damn thing? It makes very little sense. What does make sense is putting somebody new IN and sending the old to the dumpster, compost heap, recycling bin, or wherever. We can and should do better.

Is the Senator for District 29 part of the Republican “machine”? You tell me. It’s public record that he was one of the sponsors of the laws that reduced access to voting for many people, make it illegal to hand out food and water to people waiting in line (Republicans or Democrats), shortened early voting access, made drop boxes only accessible during business hours (which means they’re now virtually useless), essentially scrubbed most absentee voters’ names off the mailing lists, and made it possible for the General Assembly to TAKE OVER the election board of any county and declare the votes of the ENTIRE COUNTY void and declare races however they damn well please (which effectively means the voters in that county would have NO VOICE AT ALL and the General Assembly assumes dictatorial power over that county.) I find that outrageous and totally unacceptable in any democratic society. He’s proud of it.

I want to be in that Senate to help rewrite those laws to make it EASIER for ALL CITIZENS to vote. If you are a citizen of this country, there should be no barriers to you being able to vote. That’s why there should be drop boxes available 24 hours/7 days a week. People work out of town, odd hours, overtime, or they have to work very long hours. They don’t have the option of getting to a poll to vote. They can find the opportunity to run past a drop box. Or make mail-in ballots universal. Start counting them as they come in. If barcoded to each voter, each one can be unique so that falsifying them would be impossible. At the end of the voting period, all ballots would be stored and counts announced. It would be verifiable, fully accountable, and reproducible. How do I know? Five states have been doing this for 15 YEARS without problems.

Republicans have intentionally made people paranoid about our elections being “rigged”, “corrupt”, and “pre-determined” when the truth really is that they are the ones who have been trying to do that. It’s called projection. It’s like the little boy who doesn’t want Mom to know that he got into the cookie jar even though he has cookies in his hands and cookie crumbs all over his shirt. Instead he points to his sister, Debbie, and loudly claims, “DEBBIE ATE THEM ALL!” Uh, huh, right. Pay attention, folks.

Vote for me for the State Senate. Let’s start this business of cleaning things up. It’s not going to be overnight, but we can start. LIKE and SHARE my posts. Visit my website http://www.wright4georgia.com .


When What You Can Do, Say, Read, Teach, Protest, Vote On, or Be is Dictated by Somebody Else…

Photo is being used with appropriate approbation. It is not mine but it is accurate.

…you have an authoritarian style government or a dictatorship. Take your pick of nastiness. But neither one have absolutely nothing to do with either freedom or democracy. In fact, they are the very opposite of both.

Now some are throwing around the word “fascist” and it is getting used on both sides of the divide. Please be very sure that you know what you mean when you use it. Some on the right idolize the man to the point of wanting him to be a dictatorial style leader and make all governmental decisions for them (or nearly so). Broadly speaking, that would come very close to the Merriam Webster dictionary definition of the term.

a political philosophy, movement, or regime (such as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition

Now somehow they haven’t quite grokked on the “severe economic” part even after a recession and probably never will. They certainly never will on the social regimentation part because they have swallowed the rubric that “I am one of you” which he has never been and would certainly never set foot in one of their neighborhoods. In short, he’s a colossal snob. Most of the upper echelon of the Republican Party is.

They try to throw that word and the word “socialist” back on us.

“Fascist” doesn’t fit, but “socialist” as a societal construct is one that I’ll embrace any time. In fact, if you boil down any of the great tenets of faith, they’re all socialist. Every last one of them. What do they say? Love your neighbor just as much as you do yourself. Take care of widows and orphans. Look after the stranger in your land and give them hospitality. Make sure the homeless are cared for. Take care of the sick and lonely. Share your food and shelter. Whatever you have, if you see need, share what you have. This is socialism. If they have a problem with that, then what in the name of all that’s holy are they doing going to church? I’m baffled.

Now as a government form, mmm, yeah, the idea has some problems. Things like this always will. There will always be some greedy turkey who will try to bleed the system to benefit only themselves. I get that objection. You have to back up and look at the forest, not just one or two trees that are diseased. Just because there are a few of these people does NOT mean the entire thing is flawed. Far from it. Millions of people are benefitting.

So what do we do about the banned books, restrictions on teachers, new rules on what you can/cannot say, can/cannot wear, and even most importantly, what a parent can do about their child’s identity? Take a deep breath, talk to your neighbors, and realize that not everybody is this bat s***crazy. See who can go to the school board meetings, Board of Commissioners, City Hall meetings, Town Halls, or whatever is being held in your area. If they can’t go, collect signatures, or letters of support. Make copies for every member. Have them ready to hand out. If you can, everybody go together and wear matching shirts. That really makes them pay attention.

Whatever you do, don’t give up. Because I sure do not intend to.

I’m running for GA State Senate District 29 and I need your vote on November 8. I also am trying to raise $2500 right now to fund my campaign but I am running way short on my goal. I need my readers to kick in their donations as soon as possible. I do not have any large dollar donors. Everything is from people just like you. Just click on the brown button below to help out right now. And thank you.

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A Conspiracy That Cannot Be Denied

Please note that all of the actors do not appear in this graphic. It is by no means inclusive.

Trust me on this part, the people involved will keep swearing that they are being maligned, lied about, that they are patriots, it was just tourists, etc. But we’ve had six of the House Select January 6th Investigative Committee Hearings and I’m totally convinced by the testimony by the REPUBLICAN witnesses. They are not holding back.

These are people who were present in the meetings with the PLANNERS of the event. They sat in on conversations with Trump, Guiliani, Eastman, Meadows, McCarthy, Greene, Gaetz, Jordan, and others. They are detailing the plans and who said things to whom. These are first-person accounts.

Now some would call this “throwing people under the bus”. I take issue with that. With this many actors in the event, it was bound to unravel. The only questions was how fast and who would find the right “end” of the snarl in that ball of yarn to pull to make it unravel. Turns out the answer was about 18 months and Bennie Thompson. There are still some snarls to unknot but we’re rapidly getting there. Very impressive.

Now we still need to find out how Ginni Thomas and the CNP Advisors Panel figure into this. The Federalist Society is also part of the deal and needs to answer for its part of it. Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson would not be pleased with what they’ve participated in.

Plus we need to consider expanding the SCOTUS. Back in 1897, we expanded the court to nine when the Circuit courts were expanded to nine. Now we have thirteen. Problem here is that we will likely have to kill the filibuster. I think we’re backed into a corner. It has to happen.

Then look into Thomas and Alito for breach of oath and Kavanaugh and Barrett (possibly Gorsuch) for lying during confirmation hearings. Can we impeach any of them? Maybe, maybe not.

In the meantime, let’s elect as many Democrats as possible. Start with voting for Stacey Abrams and Raphael Warnock, and just keep going with Charlie Bailey, Jen Jordan, Bee Nyugen, William Boddie, and just keep going down the ballot voting for all the Democrats INCLUDING ME!

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That’s The Logic Anyway

Now what REALLY buffaloes me is why any man who used to be in law enforcement would want to make it possible for every Tom, Dick, Desmond, Naomi, Diamond, and Ruby to be packing a weapon in concealed carry. But our Very Own State Senator did exactly that and he did it in spite of the current President of Police Officers Association telling him that they were against it. What the….? And he was a Deputy for Muscogee County for how many years??

The logic here just is backwards. The cops didn’t want it. The public didn’t want it.

But Brainless Kemp did and the GOP did. So that’s what we got.

Now law enforcement in Georgia has to assume that they are in danger from EVERYBODY they see. From toddlers to grannies, Blacks, Whites, Latinos, AA, Native Americans, Doctors, lawyers, nurses, morticians, grocers, people walking their dogs, just shopping for groceries-everybody is a threat to a cop now. That’s just wrong. People are going to get killed because these cops are scared and they have every right to be. Even if they see a ‘good guy’ with a gun, there’s not going to be a flashing arrow over their head saying “Good Guy here”. They see a gun, they shoot to kill and ask questions later.

This law is dangerous in the extreme. Our Senator needs to be held accountable for his part in leaving Georgians in such a dangerous position. Shame on him. He knows better.

I’m running for the State Senate District 29 and I promise that I will look out for Georgians to keep such dangers from your lives. You need us to help keep you safe, not expose you to deadly dangers. Vote for me on Nov. 8. And donate right now to my campaign before you go. Just click on the brown button to do that. You can make it monthly donation which would really be a tremendous help. I believe in grassroots support and you help make it possible. Do it now while you are thinking about it.

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Having Trouble Figuring Out Which Direction To Go In?

Stop what you are doing. Sit down and collect yourself.

Because I have the advantage of nearly six decades and I can tell you that none of this is going to change in the next week or so. It took quite a few years to get here and it might take quite a few years to fix. So let’s just breathe for a few minutes.

Do I “like” the SCOTUS ruling on Dobbs? No, absolutely not. It’s going to kill people quite literally. But getting riled up and chasing around is not going to change anything as much as I would like for it to. Calling Justice Thomas “Uncle Clarence” is racist and demeaning, and, while I think he is dead wrong on this, it was Justice SAM ALITO who laid the framework for this. Thomas just wrote the opinion. Being like “them” doesn’t help anything.

Now then, where do we go from here? Are we calm enough to think and plan?

  1. We get our butts working and we get folks out to vote in astronomical numbers. It’s the one thing that the GOP cannot argue with. Oh, they can and will scream about “rigged” elections, stolen elections, and all that, but when the rubber hits the road? When we have poll watchers and they have poll watchers, and everybody has a video to watch, nobody can say the elections are fraudulent.
  2. Get and keep people engaged in community-level government. We have to have people at the school board, election board, board of commissioners, tax assessors, city hall budget, zoning boards, and anything else meetings. Why? Because if you aren’t in there, you don’t know what they are doing. They will, eventually, start putting things in their own pockets or start giving contracts to friends or family. Why not? Nobody is watching.
  3. Defend our leaders and do it with facts. Just getting huffy with people when they talk about “Sleepy Joe” doesn’t help. But laying a list of facts on them will shut them up faster than anything and they will have no comeback. Example: Biden’s administration got over 200 million doses of COVID vaccine out in record time AND delivered the vaccine to other countries and that was despite widespread pushback from conservatives about the efficacy and effectiveness of the vaccines. They also delivered on Infrastructure with $BILLIONS going out across the country which is already being spent. http://usaspending.gov to find how it is being spent around you. Lots more, but that will get you started.
  4. Don’t allow the turkeys to talk you down. They are turkeys. Remember that you have truth and justice on your side. They can be mean and quite tacky. Some are cruel. I will either act as though they aren’t there or like they are my best friends and I’m so glad to see them. They get frustrated at either approach because they want me mad.
  5. Make the midterms a one or two issue election. Translated: Vote every single pro-life and/or pro-gun bastard out of office. I’m not even picky about whether they are Republican or Democrat. Just gone is fine.
  6. Codify Roe. Call your Senators and Congressional representatives and tell them to pass the legislation NOW. Make it FEDERAL LAW. IF you can’t do that, then lean on the State people HARD. We got the gun control stuff. We can do this.
  7. Influence the influencers. These are the people who pay the lobbyists who have the ears of the Congress. They are the people YOU buy your goods and services from. Famous people, wealthy people, business owners, and stockholders of big companies are all influencers. Write letters and be vocal. You can do it.

Take that rage and use the energy wisely. Making signs and protesting is great for the media cameras, but on the whole? Not all that effective. Let’s do some things that will make a difference in the long term. See you out there.

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Christian Sharia Law Comes to the USA

There are few words in the English language to describe the depth and breadth of the betrayal that I feel or the sheer rage at being so violated by these arrogant people. They have the unmitigated gall to protest the Afghanistan Taliban and their Sharia laws but then do essentially the same thing to American women? How DARE they?

And, yes, this amounts to Sharia law. By the time they get done, the only thing we will need will be the blue all encompassing burqas or abayas to go out of the house in. They have screamed at observant women wearing hijab in the streets, classrooms, and stores, but soon they will have us all dressing like the Amish or observant Hassidic Jewish women. The Handmaid’s Tale here we come. (If you haven’t seen it or read the book, do so. There are other books and similar stories like it. It is just the most recent.)

What these rock heads do not realize (or maybe they do in some cases) is that they are actually copying Adolf Hitler’s plan for the “Lebensborn” or Fount of Life. This was very real. Only SS officers who filled specific requirements were allowed to go there to sire more children. Only certain women were sent there to breed more babies. It existed. The white supremacists extol it as the way to ‘PURIFY THE WHITE RACE“. I wonder if Clarence Thomas knows what he has set in motion?

We are NOT defeated. We were just out-maneuvered this time. Take some time to mourn, but then gather your resources and look around for what you CAN do. For example:

  1. Contribute to campaigns (like mine) monthly even if it is only $5. (It’s $5 more than we had before!)
  2. Get on one of the phone groups to register voters or verify that they are still on the voter list and know where they are supposed to go vote.
  3. Help raise money-bake cakes, brownies, cookies, or paint sunflower plaques for doors, or whatever.
  4. Go to Farmers’ Markets, BBQs, fireworks shows, duck races, ugly boat races, etc., and handout literature–people do not bite-I promise.
  5. Help distribute yard signs (check local ordnances first-some towns/counties are picky about how they are displayed)
  6. Distribute door hangers in apartment complexes and subdivisions – this is much harder in rural areas, but in town? Easy.
  7. Help write post cards and mail them out.

And lastly, TALK THIS UP. Nothing good ever happens by people being afraid to say speak up.

Democrats have lots to offer and don’t you ever forget that.

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Standing UP


Today is June 21, 2022, and it is the 4th day of the public hearings of the January 6th Select Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives led by Representative Bennie Thompson. I haven’t had a chance to listen to all of the testimony given today, but I’ve heard some and I know a good bit about some of the others. The theme running through today’s testimony was quite clear: these people held their ground against the most powerful office in the world because they believed that they were in the right and had an obligation to the Constitution, to the States that they served, to the public as a whole, but most importantly, to themselves as human beings, to uphold the oaths they had sworn and just do their jobs.

For that decision, as simple as it sounds, they were harassed, threatened, hounded by countless people, driven into hiding, made to run for their lives, move their families to hidden locations, and ask for government protection. It is unacceptable to me that such psychological, physical, emotional, social, and financial torture should be inflicted on private United States citizens all because ONE MAN was having a temper tantrum because he lost a contest. The damage he has done to their lives is irreparable. Anger does not begin to describe how I feel about this. And this is separate from his trying to cheat. That makes me angry, too, but it’s different.

I might not like the political positions of Mr. Raffensperger, Mr. Bowers, Mr. Kemp, and the rest of the Republicans have, but they sure held the line on obeying the law when it came to the election. They dug in and did not flinch. Got to hand it to them there. The man is an incredible bully with an incredible posse of bullies, and they didn’t give in. They’re still not giving in. When push came to shove, they shoved back. Not saying that’s always true, but it happened this time. Chalk one up for democracy there.

We, as citizens of this country, have to do more standing up for what is right. We’ve been sitting on our asses for far too long. Like someone said, if you do or say nothing, that means you are part of the problem. I don’t intend to be part of the problem. I intend to point it out and make sure YOU see it and that YOU get up and help me fix it. Because I can’t do this by myself. I’m going to need your help.

I’m running to be State Senator for District 29 so I can stand up for what’s right in the State Senate. I need YOUR vote in order to get there. I also need your financial support. $25 will help me buy postcards to send to about 50 voters. I can’t do that without your help.


Don’t Listen to What They “Say”- Look At What They ACTUALLY DO

I’ve met many veterans of various ages, branches of the services, and of every political stripe there is. There are quite a few groups like “Patriot Front” (which is a terrorist group/FBI), “Proud Boys” (terrorist group-FBI), KKK (terrorist-FBI), and numerous other clubs, groups, or whatever they want to call themselves. (Note here: If you are thinking of jumping on me for my beliefs, go ahead. But do not expect a fight. I do not return comments that are not civil.)

What surprises me is that these folks support a party (and a man) who have made it abundantly clear that they do not support veterans when they come back from their service. Nor do they want to support their families. AT ALL. Oh, they make all the correct noises on Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Flag Day, Veterans Day, and the like, and they’ll lay wreaths, salute flags, stand in front of them, wear one on their lapels, and wear clothing that has the Stars and Bars. But when it comes to making laws and funding those laws, do you think any of that matters?

Oh, heck, NO!!

Every single one of them–Senators and Congressional Representatives–voted in lockstep to keep veterans, service members, and their families from receiving benefits.

Don’t believe me? Just go to http://Congress.gov and look up any of those bills listed on that meme. You can see the vote totals and the individual votes. It’s all public record. I’m not saying or accusing anybody of anything that isn’t absolutely true.

That makes every word they say and every posture they take a huge lie.

BTW, it is NOT a gesture of disrespect to stand at attention when the National anthem is played without your hand over your heart, but it is to leave your hat on. It is NOT disrespecting to kneel. Every priest kneels before God, every subject before their sovereign, and every believer before the altar. It’s actually MORE respectful than standing.

If you are in the service, are part of family of a service member, or are a veteran in need of services, the Democratic party does support you. We are the ones who proposed those bills and we are the ones who worked hard to push them through only to be met with failure. Help us to get a larger majority in the Senate and in Congress and in the State legislatures. We need YOU to help us by voting OUT as many of these Republicans who do not have your best interests at heart. Vote us IN and we will get you the funding for the pay raises, medical benefits, and housing upgrades that you want and need.

LIKE and SHARE my posts. Visit my website and read more posts there. I’m running for GA State Senate District 29. My opponent is Randy Robertson. I need your help to beat him, but I can do it if you’ll help.


Gunpowder and Lead : Recipe for Murder and Mayhem

I have no idea which one of the Chinese invented gunpowder, but I heartily wish they had not. It has been sorely abused in the centuries since. I rather imagine that whoever it was never dreamed that it would cause so many death and heartbreaks as it does. In a way, it is rather like the man who came up with TNT. His name was Alfred Nobel. He regretted that to the end of his days. That’s the reason we have the Nobel Peace Prize. It’s his way of saying “I’m sorry” to the world every year. Ironic.

There are a ton of just plain old fallacies that have been sold to the public about gun ownership, particularly in the last 30 years. Why? That part is simple. It benefits the wealthy owners of the National Rifle Association, the gun manufacturers, the arms dealers (think Blackwater, Dick Cheney, Halliburton, Eric Prince, and all that crowd), and the people in Congress who get the lobby money (mostly GOP). It also benefits the gun runners of the cartels, and don’t fool yourself, Georgia is a mecca for these people because of the lax gun laws that Kemp, Deal, and Sonny Perdue have steadily put in place with the help of David Ralston in the General Assembly and Randy Robertson among others.

It’s gotten easier and easier to “straw purchase” guns in GA and then transport them anywhere in the country. Georgia also has “reciprocal” carry permit laws with 35 states. That means you might have domestic violence charges in Arkansas, but you can come to Georgia which will only check your background for offenses in Georgia, get your permit, buy as many guns as you want, and drive back to stalk and kill your girlfriend. It’s all perfectly legal. But is it the morally correct thing to do? I’d argue that it is not.

In fact, I would argue that people are not ‘entitled’ to own guns. I know what the 2nd Amendment says. “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” Guess what? It says “arms”. It does not say “guns”. “Arms” can mean swords, war hammers, lances, maces, num-chuks, single stick, stave, scimitar, crossbow, and a whole list of other things. Since when did it come to mean exclusively things that shoot pieces of lead? I’ll tell you when-it started when Mr. Remington and Smith and Wesson started marketing their mass produced firearms which would have been right around 1820 or thereabouts. The men who wrote the 2nd Amendment didn’t have any clue about mass produced firearms. They were writing about black powder muskets. (If you have ever been around black powder weapons, then you know that they are messy, very loud, and prone to misfires.)

Americans are absolutely, passionately in love with firearms. They have bought into the idea that they cannot hunt, defend themselves, or engage in sporting activities without a firearm. Seriously? Humans have done these activities for millennia without the use of gunpowder and lead projectiles. I’ll grant you that we are, by nature, lazy creatures, and if we can find a find that we can kill our meat without having to run it down, wait for days in wait, hope a fish will take a lure, or trap something, we’ll do it. Heaven knows, growing and raising meat animals can take years. Planting and raising crops is dependent on weather, insects, plant diseases, and other problems. Humans are just going to go with a method that offers a “sure thing” (or at least faster) way of feeding yourself and your family. It’s understandable. But people have gone overboard with it. We no longer need to rely on these methods. Yet some people cling to them like toddlers cling to pacifiers and refuse to give them up.

It’s time for Americans to GROW UP. The rest of the planet has. Let’s give up our expensive LETHAL Binkies and admit that we have been fooling ourselves about our “well-regulated militias”. We already have them. They’re called the National Guard and they’re in place in every state in the union. We do not need a bunch of beer-bellied, flat-footed wannabes who are out of shape and know nothing about tactics, weaponry, or munitions, handling out-of-date weapons and ammunition that they rarely practice with. Just stop.

As for the rest of the rhetoric and theories you’ve heard, ask yourself this: most of us are just like you. Why would we work to destroy ourselves? It doesn’t make sense. Rational people do not do things like that.

I want to be your State Senator in District 29. I want all of us to be safe and secure. Help me get to the Gold Dome so I can vote to reverse the laws that enable criminals to carry firearms concealed without so much as a background check. This is something that our incumbent Senator helped to pass and Kemp signed. You would think that a former cop would be opposed to this, but he actually helped SPONSOR it. I don’t understand that mindset.

If you want to donate to my campaign,


Putting a Roof Over Your Head

Just sit there and think for a few minutes about what you would do if you had to move out of where you live right now. Scary thought? Sure is for me. I would have to do something with my animals and I sure have a lot more STUFF than when we move down here in 1995!

What if you lost your income at the same time? Most of us would panic. Your thoughts go straight to a cardboard box up under an underpass or maybe a tent in the woods somewhere. Whatever it is, it is not the way you want to spend the next couple of years or the rest of your life.

Yet it does happen to people. We have homeless people living among us. Some live in the cities because that is where the resources are for them to get a little bit to eat, maybe a place to sleep, and sometimes a place to take a bath. I know I’ve seen them in Columbus and LaGrange. Some of them are drug addicts or dealers. Some are mental health cases. Some are veterans down on their luck. Some are all three. It just depends on the individual. But there are people who just get hit by bad times and there just wasn’t a safety net to catch them or their children. They try and try but can’t make life work again.

Where do these people find resources for the basics of life?

  1. Affordable housing-just a roof over their heads with running water, a toilet that works, electricity, a refrigerator, stove, and locks on the doors to keep people out.
  2. Sufficient nutritious food every week.
  3. Work within walking or bicycle distance.
  4. Schools for children
  5. Decent looking clothing and shoes
  6. Safety
  7. Healthcare

How are we, as a society, going to take care of these needs and get these people back on their feet and contributing to society? Taking away their “social benefits” doesn’t do anything but put a foot on their necks and push them further down. It’s cruel and inhumane. You help people up and turn off benefits as their status improves. That’s not socialism. That’s being responsible to your neighbor.


Stand UP, Speak OUT, Refuse To be Silent

Democrats have been silent for far too long.

Especially here in the Deep South, we’ve been taught to ‘be nice’. It’s not ‘nice’ to make people uncomfortable. It’s not ‘nice’ for women to stand up to men and tell them to keep their comments, looks, and hands to themselves (in fact, we’re supposed to ‘secretly enjoy the attention.’ Bull crap.) It’s not ‘nice’ for us to speak up and point out that what people say or do is demeaning or hurtful to other people. Oh, but there’s just so much ‘not nice’ things we’re all taught that we are not supposed to do. The really awful thing is that Black Americans have easily three or four TIMES as many ‘not nice’ things to learn as white people. Bet you white folks weren’t aware of that one.

The other “tribe” (Republicans particularly the Right Wing Nut Jobs (RWNJ)) love to point out things that they call “cancel culture”. What it really is for them is us trying to make THEM feel uncomfortable about something and they’re trying to invoke the “not nice” rule. Personally, every time they start screaming “cancel culture”? I just want to go at them that much harder because you KNOW you’ve hit a nerve. It’s rather like playing “Battleship”.

It’s okay to make people aware that what they are doing or saying is not acceptable to the rest of society. It’s okay if they get angry or upset, well, that’s their choice and it is not on you. They chose to act in an unacceptable manner and they are choosing to react to being called out about it with anger, frustration, guilt, and/or shame. You just made them aware that you see them for who and what they really are. If they don’t like the image reflected in the mirror back at them? It is their responsibility to change it.

That’s why we, as responsible citizens, need to stand UP and speak OUT about what is going on in our communities and in our government. Change will not happen if we do not start getting involved in school board meetings, zoning meetings, board of commissioner meetings, and town hall meetings. Our officials will just continue to do what they have been doing if we are not there to listen in, ask questions, do some research, and hold them accountable. If you continue to elect the same people and continue to set on your butts at home doing nothing, you deserve what you get.

I’m willing to listen to everyone. I do require civility and solutions to problems as you see it. Let me hear what issues are top of your mind. What do you believe this District needs first and foremost? Let’s make some people uncomfortable.


Appalling and Unacceptable

I have to ask a rhetorical question: just who in the hell thought this was freedom for who? Oh, I know the answer. It makes me so dang furious that I could bite pig iron and spit out barbed wire. It’s an ancient story that goes back past Abraham and maybe past Noah. It has to do with males who feel inadequate in the most intimate area of anyone’s identity. You would think that after CENTURIES they would have found a way to deal with it, but they haven’t. Instead, they keep trying to stomp down on women. Well, this woman is going to stomp back. Here’s the deal.

Males, particularly long ago, had a much higher death rate before the age of three than female babies. This was to the point that, in some cultures, they refused to even name children until they had turned three years of age. They just buried too many of them. As the children grew, females tended to survive better than males, so families put a premium on getting more boys to adulthood. Girls just meant paying out more dowries.

However, if the society is undergoing a slump in population, the roles can be reversed. Females become more valuable because of the length of gestation. You can only get a finite number of pregnancies from any single female (unless you resort to cloning, surrogates, or other means). Males can, in theory, reproduce, by the millions. That means if you are actively trying to increase the population, you must control the rate of reproduction of the females. How do you do that? You BAN ABORTIONS BY ALL MEANS.

I don’t believe that these people have thought this all the way through. I really don’t. Here’s why:

  1. Banning contraception of all types will affect the population of blacks and browns predominately. AAHPINA will also be affected severely. This will result in a massive up tick in the number of children flooding into the poverty programs (Head Start, Early Head Start, WIC, SNAP, etc.) as well as into the foster care system, juvenile justice system, schools, low-income housing, parks, etc. The drug problem will SKY ROCKET because we don’t have the rec programs now for the kids we have now. If the police think they have problems now, they haven’t seen anything yet.
  2. The incidence of young women DYING from botched abortions, sepsis, and suicide will go through the roof.
  3. More women will be permanently infertile due to the injuries suffered during botched abortions.
  4. More women will die screaming in agony because they have ectopic pregnancies and the doctors will not be allowed to operate.
  5. More deformed babies will be born only to die agonizing deaths because their mothers were not allowed the option of termination.
  6. More families will be ripped apart because pregnancies were forced on women who should not have had the children because of an abusive situation, mental health, substance abuse, lack of finances, or neglect.
  7. More children will be battered to death because they were born to DV victims.
  8. More children will be left in the garbage unwanted by anyone.

These people are forcing THEIR OWN RELIGIOUS BELIEFS on the rest of the country in violation of our Right to Privacy and our Freedom of Religion. It is wrong and I WILL FIGHT FOR ANY WOMAN TO HAVE HER RIGHTS.

Local places to seek help:

A. https://lagrangepregnancy.com/

B https://coweta-ps.org//

c https://columbuswomenshealth.com/

D. https://taragynecology.com/

You may find others. Once the SCOTUS releases the new ruling, I fully expect our General Assembly to go full Neanderthal and either totally ban or make it the restrictive 6 weeks. It will take electing every possible Democrat to reverse the law if that happens. That is why I am running. Help me get there to help fight this. Donate to my campaign. Thank you.


Freedom of Speech

For the record, I’m not entirely comfortable with Elon Musk buying Twitter, but it is his prerogative to do so and take the company to a private status. If he does so, then the arguments about “freedom of speech” then become moot. It will be “his company” and he can decide what the company’s standards will be much like Zuckerberg does with Facebook. Depending on the way Musk decides to structure Twitter’s speech standards, he may trigger a stampede of liberal users away from the site. What is debatable is whether or not the number of conservative users coming back would be enough to support the site.

There is a misconception that Freedom of Speech is an absolute right. That is not true and never has been. You do not have the right to scream fire in a crowded venue after you have chained the exit doors shut just to watch the panicked patrons trample each other. You do not have the right to “hate” speech that incites others to violent acts against people of other ethnicities, religions, cultures, genders, or sexual orientations. You can believe whatever you want to believe, but trying to incite violence is a whole different ballgame. It’s the “you can swing your fist if you want to, UNTIL I feel threatened or you make contact with my body. Then we have a problem”.

Now this business of people screaming “Freedom of Speech” when they have been caught infringing on the rights of women, blacks, LGBTQ, minorities of all kinds and they don’t like being told to desist. Frankly, it’s juvenile. They are being like little children who don’t like being told they are talking too much in class, talking too loudly, talking out of turn, or using crass language. They don’t want to be controlled by ANY convention. They will claim 1A rights as long as it suits them. But then they will deny them to those they consider their enemies quick as a flash. It doesn’t work that way.

Trying to ban books (and textbooks!) over supposed infractions over real-life scenarios that children see in everyday life is just bizarre. The kids already know that Latasha has a mom who has a boyfriend who lives with them and that he’s Latasha’s dad. They also know that Tommy has two moms. They might even think that’s really neat because one of them makes great cookies, but they haven’t took their own moms that because they know she’d be mad. Kids aren’t stupid. I work with foster kids and they tell me stuff all the time that will absolutely stand your hair straight up. I’m talking 3, 4, 5 year old CHILDREN. They KNOW.

Freedom of speech is not about controlling the flow of information so that a particular segment of the population remains comfortable. Far from it. Truth is truth and it should be heard. There are no hard and fast rules for this. If there were, we wouldn’t be having the discussions. My bottom line is that what you say (or write) cannot cause, directly or indirectly, the harm of another being (human or otherwise).

I am running for the office of Georgia State Senate D29. I am asking for your vote and your support. Donate to my campaign below and thank you.


Until We Have Real Freedom

For centuries untold, women have fought to gain control over what happens to THEM. By that I mean their lives, futures, and their bodies. We have been used as chattel for nations, peace treaties for tribes, booty for war parties, simply baby factories for rulers or wealthy patriarchs to try to get as many sons as possible to fight over inheritances and favors, disgusted father to unload as a burden to feed as fast as he could find a sucker to take her, and so on. We have rarely been considered as an ASSET to anyone and that included our own mothers.

We were, to put it bluntly, unwanted from birth.

Our fathers wanted a son. Our mothers were made to feel they’d failed him if the child came out without the required equipment, so they were not thrilled with us either.

Then it went downhill from there.

But times have changed and we are realizing that we have worth. Intrinsic worth. That means we were born with it and it is something to be proud of and stand tall with. It is something that no one can take away unless we allow it.

Within the past hundred years, women in the United States of America have gained the Right to Vote, the right to have their own lines of credit separate from their husband or other male member of their families, the right to own real property in their own name, the right of inheritance, and, just recently, the right not to be sexually harassed in the workplace.

We are still working on some rights for women and we have had some setbacks. Most notably in April 2022, the State of Tennessee voted to legalize marriage of girls as young as 10 years old. That goes back to the old patriarchal belief that “if she is old enough to bleed, she’s old enough to breed.” It’s crude, completely overlooks the fact that it involves a child with an under-developed body and mind, and caters to pedophiles. That’s beside the fact that sex with a child that age is child abuse. But now, if she comes into an OBGYN pregnant at 11, he is covered by the law because she is his wife. I am outraged. I want to know just what the TN legislature AND the Governor thought they were doing. This is pure evil. The TN legislature is 132 members (probably some voted against) and the Governor. That’s what we’re up against.

Then in TX ( among other states), they are trying to shut down all reproductive health clinics. This boggles my mind. These clinics provide FAR MORE than just abortions, but that is the main thrust of their ire. They also provide:

  • Condoms
  • IUDs
  • Birth control pills
  • Depo Provera injections
  • Ultrasound exams
  • well woman exams
  • mammograms
  • sexual disease treatment for syphilis, gonorrhea, herpes, scabies, chlamydia, trichomonas, HPV, HIV/AIDS, and more
  • Pregnancy testing
  • colposcopies
  • Infertility treatment
  • etc.

The abortions are a tiny percentage of what they do if you look at their records. They are not done as a “birth control” measure of choice. They are done because something else FAILED. (That’s a long list I won’t go into here.) Surveys of women who come in for the procedure really don’t want to do it, but are forced into it by a myriad of factors such as:

  • Finances
  • Unstable home life
  • Mental health
  • Medical
  • Social stigma
  • result of a crime (rape/incest)

My point is this: being for/against the termination of a pregnancy is a personal decision that can be colored by many factors including religion. It is an intensely personal, medical, and above all else, PRIVATE decision by that woman. No one, including the male involved, has a right to interfere with that decision. It is her body and her decision to make. If you don’t want one, don’t get one. But keep your beliefs to yourself. Your nose does not belong six inches up inside her vagina. She has a Constitutional Right to Privacy under HIPAA and she has the Right to the Pursuit of Happiness under the Declaration of Independence. If that means she terminates that particular pregnancy, so be it. She is a full-fledged Human under the law with all Rights under the law. You aren’t denying those blue pills to the guys because their impotence is God’s will, are you?

Women do not want to be better than men-although many times they are. We just want to stand on a level playing field. Then let’s play ball and see who wins.

I’m running for State Senate D29 in Georgia. I’m asking for your vote in the primary and the general election. You can donate to my campaign fund here


Should Seditionists And Conspirators Be Allowed To Hold Political Office?

According to the writers of our Constitution, the answer to that question is a resounding “NO!” So it is little wonder that the people who have been accused of being part of the planning and execution of the “Great Lie” and the events of January 6, 2021 are very anxious to convince the public, and the courts, that they were “just going to have a peaceful demonstration and march, but things got out of hand.”

Excuse me, but I am calling “Bullshit” on that whole thing. They were as transparent as a pane of glass. They incited that crowd of people into being a mob. Those people came with weapons, T-shirts printed up stating their purpose, pre-made Molotov cocktails, pipe bombs, gas masks, and protective gear. Then their idol told them to “go down there and stop the steal of the election.” So they attempted to take over the Capitol at what they thought was his express orders. He did nothing to call them back for four hours. He was watching. He could have. But he did not.

People died that day. Many were permanently injured and maimed. Yet these planners and instigators want to insist that they are innocent of wrongdoing? Life doesn’t work that way. They must be held accountable.

That goes for everyone from Donald John Trump Sr. all the way down. There should be accountability for all. Because if even one escapes being held accountable, justice is denied for those who died and were injured. Our nation demands it.

Hold them accountable-and in the process, make certain none of them ever hold political office again.


Every election is important.

I am a little biased with the primary because my name is on the ballot, of course, but I would tell you that in any event. Politicians of all persuasions pay attention to elections. They have to because it is how they get and keep their jobs. Think about it. Did they go and fill out an application and interview for the job like you did yours? No, of course not. They have to do much more than that.

And they have to KEEP doing more than that if they are any good at doing their jobs. They are supposed to:

  • Keep their constituents informed on a regular basis about what is going on at their level of office and exactly what they are doing FOR their district to help them realize their campaign promises. I do not remember seeing a single thing from the State Senator’s office since it was flipped from Democrat to Republican. I do not like being kept in the dark since I am not a mushroom.
  • Come back to their district and LISTEN to the voters who put them in office. By that I mean, stop talking and actually use their ears to hear what the issues are that are bothering their voters. I have seen photographs of my State Senators at various events AFTER they occurred in this area, but these events are never publicized so that the general public can go ask what might be uncomfortable questions. I have also seen a number of “jackass biting a bee” photos with other “dignitaries” up around Atlanta where the Senator’s name was prominently mentioned for something that had nothing to do with our District. WTH?
  • Represent ALL of the citizens of this District and not just the voters who elected him. Once a person is sworn into office, they become a servant of the entire population regardless of their political persuasion. This business of showing ‘favoritism’ simply because of the way a person decides to vote has got to stop. We are citizens of Georgia and the United States of America.
  • We need people who have been educated on how Constitutional law works, The Bill of Rights, and the separation of church and state. We are treading dangerously close to going over that line and becoming a theocracy and having Christian ‘Sharia’ law. You cannot legislate morality and you cannot force your religious beliefs into law without going over that line. It is one thing to believe strongly about your faith as I do, but it is quite another to force it on another person by use of law. A Senator cannot afford to be seen as a person who would inflict something that is a violation of their Constitutional rights by passing laws that intentionally have that effect.

That is why I want to be your State Senator. I know that I can argue before the Senate that some things are just wrong. I can listen to you and try to find answers for you. I can be your servant in the General Assembly. I am asking for your vote humbly and sincerely. I am just a retired person living in rural Meriwether County who cannot stand what I see happening. I want to do what is right. If you want to help me, please vote for me and donate to my campaign at actblue.com and just type ellen wright into the search box at the top of the page. It will take you straight to my donation page. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Together, we will all win,

Ellen T. Wright, candidate for Senate D29


Teaching Our Little Ones About Parents

You all know who this is. Secretary of Commerce, Pete Buttigieg, who happens to be a gay man married to Chase Buttigieg and father to twin children they adopted last year. He’s very open about all of this so it’s not as though I’m sharing confidential information. In fact, he wants people to know that he’s happily married and a proud father.

The General Assembly in Georgia wants to restrict teachers of children up to the age of about 7 from discussing the “sex or gender” of the parents of children that are in their classes. I think this is, frankly, asinine. Children are going to go for play dates at other children’s homes and they are not blind, deaf, or stupid. They WILL see and they will either ask or figure out on their own what the deal is in that house. Trust me on this: you want to control what kind of narrative those little minds are coming up with. If you are trying to sweep this under a rug and try to say it doesn’t exist, honey chile, I got news for you, they are going to fill in the gaps with SOMETHING and chances are darn good it won’t be what you want it to be.

I am just being pragmatic here. Kids that age are a LOT tougher than most people give them credit for being. I know you can traumatize a child, but let me tell you something that really valuable. Children are hurt more often by the people they love HIDING the truth from them than by telling them the truth to start with. They can handle the truth. It’s the LIES that cut and scar them. Never lie to a child. Never hide the truth from them. It’s toxic to do that.

That’s why I believe that any legislation that attempts to make teachers OMIT the truth about anything from children is bad law. I don’t care what the age of the children happens to be. They deserve to know the truth. Parents should require that teachers teach the truth instead of hiding it from children. The fact that some children have two parents of the opposite gender is one truth. They might be of one color or different ethnicities, cultures, or religions, but children will learn to accept that. Another truth is that some children will be living with grandparents, aunts, uncles, older brothers/sisters, or fictive kin, and that’s okay, too. Or they might have two mothers or two fathers and that’s also acceptable because they are being taken care of and loved.

Trying to dictate what a family should appear to be is a religious belief and should never be legislated into our society’s legal system in any shape or form. Our Constitution says that we have Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Speech, and the Right to pursue liberty, justice, and the pursuit of happiness. It says nothing about cramming your religious standards down the throats of everybody else. When you do, you cross the gap between church and state. That’s a huge no-no.

As your State Senator, I want to re-establish the dividing line between enacting laws that promulgate and enshrine religious beliefs and practices into our state laws. There is no place for turning our General Assembly into a “Taliban” type of governing body with “Sharia” laws, yet that seems to be precisely where we are headed. The “why” of what we do is every bit as important as the “how”. Transparency is something that our predominantly Republican Senate has lacked for many years and is something that I want to work to bring back.

My name is Ellen Wright and I am running to be elected to District 29 of Georgia’s Senate. I want your vote and your financial support. You can donate by going to actblue.com and typing in ellen wright in the search box at the top of the page. It will take you straight to my page. I depend on grassroots donations and just $25 will help so much. Please consider more if you can. Thank you so much for your help.

Together, we will all win,

Ellen Wright, candidate for Senate D29


The Brown Taxi

If you work, as I have in small rural and small town hospital emergency rooms, you rapidly learn the euphemism of “the brown taxi”. What it means is that there is some poor soul who was brought in because their behavior or mental processes were so out of control, erratic, violent, or dangerous to themselves/other people that something (anything!) had to be done. I’ve never known who gets more of them: ERs or the jails, but I do know we saw quite a few. Most of the time, somebody wanted them calmed down enough to get them to an inpatient facility without getting somebody hurt.

That’s where the Sheriff’s deputies came in with their brown cars. These people know what those brown uniforms mean. They might be off in some universe of their own, but they know those uniforms. Some will immediately calm down and allow themselves to be medicated for the trip in the ‘brown taxi’. Others will fight like mother bears. Those deputies are something else.

We shouldn’t have to endanger either these people, our law enforcement, or our healthcare workers. Back in the Reagan days, it suddenly became fashionable to close all the “mental hospitals” and turn mental patients out on the streets. Maybe some of that was okay, but it sure did leave a lot of people without resources. Medical insurance has NEVER paid well for mental health care. Best I’ve ever seen for private insurance was 50% of cost for care and that was limited to 6 months. Excuse me? I’ve never seen a psychologist’s bill that wasn’t higher than a cat’s back and the medications are outrageous. Plus you do not ‘cure’ mental illness in 6 months. Most of it is lifelong. Who are they kidding?

Our General Assembly and Governor’s office took a step to try to force insurance companies to pay for mental health services in a way that is more equitable and fair like they do other medical services. I hope it works. I really do. It is certainly a step in the correct direction. However, it is only ONE STEP.

I also am a current volunteer with the CASA program in Troup County. I see the effects that the lack of readily available mental health services has on our communities in terms of our families. We have mothers who simply cannot cope with having their children, feeding them, finding a safe shelter for them, finding a job that pays well enough, and medical services. They wind up in situations that will make you cry. Some have their own mental health issues. Some wind up with medical issues that lead them to substance abuse.

Then there are the mental health issues that come with the children who have been so traumatized by their lives in these situations. We simply do not have adequate resources for all these needs. It is not a question of “they should try harder”. They need something to try WITH. To put it bluntly, you can’t paddle your canoe upstream faster if your canoe is full of holes and your paddle is broken.

My name is Ellen Wright and I want to advocate for the citizens of District 29 as your next Senator in the State of Georgia. Mental health concerns are an issue with me. I believe that mental health is a medical condition just like anything else and should be treated as such. I am asking for your vote and your financial support in my campaign to be your next Senator. Will you support me? Donations can be made at actblue.com and type in my name ellen wright in the search box at the top of the screen. It will take you right to my page. I depend on grassroots donors like you and just $25 will help a lot.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

My name is Ellen Wright, and I am a candidate for Senate, D29.

Together, we will all win.


How Should You Vote This Year?

Of course, I think you should vote Democratic all the way and, most certainly, vote for me! But that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about actually getting your vote in to the people who will count it. Oh, yeah, that little detail!

First things first:

  1. Let’s make sure your name is still on Georgia’s voter rolls. I know you think it is, but check anyway. The Secretary of State’s office deletes (purges) names every year of people who have died, moved, or just did not respond to a postcard they sent out. If you voted in the last election or renewed your GA driver’s license, you are probably good, but check anyway. They do make mistakes sometimes. mvp.sos.ga.gov
  2. If you need to register, change your name, address, or just refresh your memory on where you are supposed to go to vote in person on Election Day, the same website will help you out. mvp.sos.ga.gov
  3. Remember: you MUST be registered where you reside and pay your taxes. It is illegal to use somebody else’s address. That is called Voter Fraud. You can be fined and/or go to jail for doing that.
  4. You MUST use the place where they tell you to go vote. (It is called a precinct.) The only exceptions are: A. If you use mail-in ballots, or B. early voting, in which case you go to that designated place. They will be ENFORCING that law this year. So be informed and get yourself to the CORRECT PLACE.
  5. Early voting for the primaries starts on May 2 and runs until Friday, May 20.
  6. If you are using Mail-in Ballots, pay close attention to the instructions, and make absolutely certain that the ballot will arrive on time.
  7. Election Day is May 24.

The Democratic Party is encouraging early voting this election season.

The Primaries are important because they allow voters to choose the best candidates to represent them in the General Election in November. Please do not discount them as being trivial because they are not. Get to know your local candidates. Ask them to come out and tell you their stories. Then decide who you would prefer to represent you.

My name is Ellen Wright and I want to be the State Senator for District 29. I will represent all of the citizens of this District, not just the Democrats. I will listen to YOUR issues and bring your voice to the General Assembly in Atlanta. There are so many issues that our area needs to have addressed and we have been ignored. Our schools, healthcare, and infrastructure are just three of the things that I want to work on. Please, can I count on your vote? And support my campaign with your financial donation at actblue.com. Just type in my name in the search box at the top and it will take you right to my page. I depend on grassroots donors like you, so just $25 will help tremendously.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Together, we will all win.

Ellen Wright, candidate for Senate D29


Rural Healthcare-Maternity Care

Photo by Jonathan Borba on Pexels.com

We who live in rural counties know how far it is to decent hospitals. We women are acutely aware of how far it is to vital maternity care for ourselves and our wee bairns. The problem is that every minute we have to travel means that much longer that we and our babies are a high risk of severe injury or death because of a delay in proper care. Seconds count when babies’ lives are at stake. They simply will not wait until a car or ambulance is available to take you to a hospital.

So the closure of maternal health services in rural areas is a monster of a problem. From my home (near Luthersville), it is about 20 minutes to a hospital for care which isn’t too bad. But from Gay, Greenville, Warm Springs, Woodbury, Manchester, Antioch, White Sulfur Springs, Hamilton, and the surrounding farms, it takes much, much longer. I know because I’ve driven those roads. The old saying “you can’t get there from here” certainly applies. Oh, yeah, there’s a “hospital” in Warm Springs, but they do not have a maternity service. They do orthopedic rehabilitation which is a far cry.

What kind of time frames are we talking about out here? Depends on exactly where you are and where you want to be, but anywhere between 60-90 minutes of fast driving. Could be more if it is raining, foggy, or generally bad weather, and you know that will happen.

So why don’t rural hospitals just re-open maternity services? In a word, MONEY. They are expensive. They are extraordinarily costly. https://dailyyonder.com/nearly-half-of-rural-hospitals-lose-money-on-childbirth-services/2022/04/13/?link_id=9&can_id=3100881453ccd4c6273b88f31f0c383a&source=email-april-13-rural-press-clips-2&email_referrer=email_1511618&email_subject=april-14-rural-press-clips

Georgia needs more rural maternal care and more pediatric care. We use the Lotto to help fund our educational system. We can come up with something similar to parimutuel gambling to help fund our healthcare system. Tax tobacco, marijuana growers, gun manufacturers, and sellers, and fossil fuel burning industries and producers and use that money. There are ways to do this if we are creative enough. The poor and middle class do not have to fund this. The money should come from other sources.

I’m running for State Senate District 29. I want to make it a priority to get our rural healthcare back where it needs to be. I’ve worked in a tiny rural hospital over in Jackson, GA. That hospital only had 24 beds. It loses money like a sieve loses water. I KNOW from personal experience what they are like. But our communities need to have this care available. Help get me to Atlanta so I can work to make this happen. I know that it will take a lot of work and time to make it happen, but, with your help and my determination, we can succeed. I need YOUR VOTES and I need your financial support. Go to ActBlue.com and type my name in the search box at the top. It will take you to my donation page. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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