They All Are. Just Wealthy Ones. It Is Time To Treat Them Like The Rest Of Us.

My father-in-law, may he play many rounds of golf in heaven, used to say, “You know what really burns my a$$? A little grass fire about this high.” Well, all these wealthy (some of them filthy, stinky wealthy) people in Washington who plotted sedition against me and my country have burned my a$$ and how.Continue reading “They All Are. Just Wealthy Ones. It Is Time To Treat Them Like The Rest Of Us.”

What ARE You Going To Do?

I intentionally left this rather bare for a reason. Our choice right now is pretty stark. Either we get off our hind ends and go to the polls and vote for people who will defend the rights of women…or you don’t care enough about your sisters, mothers, and daughters to do anything to defend them.Continue reading “What ARE You Going To Do?”

Your Religious Freedom Stops Right HERE, Buddy

There’s just no other way to put it. The so-called “pro-life” people are actually foisting off a religious belief that they have on everyone else and trying to make it the law of the entire country. There is NO science to back them up. No medical discoveries that they can point to. It is justContinue reading “Your Religious Freedom Stops Right HERE, Buddy”

Let’s Clarify Just Who WANTS This Pro-Life Nonsense Anyway

Now this is, for a lot of people, a topic that they just cannot quite imagine much less accept as being the truth. I get it. It is pretty cold-hearted to say the very least. After all, you are talking about humans as if they are cattle or dogs. That’s just frozen. It’s not evenContinue reading “Let’s Clarify Just Who WANTS This Pro-Life Nonsense Anyway”

You Know Something? You Do NOT Have The Right To Poke Your Nose In Her Private Business-Period

For a bunch of people who are always “on it” about their Constitutional rights (but they can only tell you about maybe two of them reliably), the people behind the abortion decision really do not seem to be aware of how many ways they are violating the Constitutional Rights of ALL PEOPLE ABLE TO BEARContinue reading “You Know Something? You Do NOT Have The Right To Poke Your Nose In Her Private Business-Period”

Two People Make One Love

Love between two people is a peculiar emotion. It grows with every passing day, and it changes as time goes by. It can arrive slowly or, BAM, full-fledged. Sometimes it can die if not tended. But if worked on diligently, it can last a lifetime and beyond. What is also peculiar about it is thatContinue reading “Two People Make One Love”

The OTHER Stuff in the Holy Writ

Having been raised in the (very) evangelical Christian Church (the branch that calls itself the “Reformation Movement” and encompasses broadly churches with the labels Church of God, Church of Christ, Christian, Nazarene, some of the Pentecostals and Charismatics, etc.). I won’t go into the history of it. Suffice it to say that the founders cameContinue reading “The OTHER Stuff in the Holy Writ”