When What You Can Do, Say, Read, Teach, Protest, Vote On, or Be is Dictated by Somebody Else…

Photo is being used with appropriate approbation. It is not mine but it is accurate.

…you have an authoritarian style government or a dictatorship. Take your pick of nastiness. But neither one have absolutely nothing to do with either freedom or democracy. In fact, they are the very opposite of both.

Now some are throwing around the word “fascist” and it is getting used on both sides of the divide. Please be very sure that you know what you mean when you use it. Some on the right idolize the man to the point of wanting him to be a dictatorial style leader and make all governmental decisions for them (or nearly so). Broadly speaking, that would come very close to the Merriam Webster dictionary definition of the term.

a political philosophy, movement, or regime (such as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition

Now somehow they haven’t quite grokked on the “severe economic” part even after a recession and probably never will. They certainly never will on the social regimentation part because they have swallowed the rubric that “I am one of you” which he has never been and would certainly never set foot in one of their neighborhoods. In short, he’s a colossal snob. Most of the upper echelon of the Republican Party is.

They try to throw that word and the word “socialist” back on us.

“Fascist” doesn’t fit, but “socialist” as a societal construct is one that I’ll embrace any time. In fact, if you boil down any of the great tenets of faith, they’re all socialist. Every last one of them. What do they say? Love your neighbor just as much as you do yourself. Take care of widows and orphans. Look after the stranger in your land and give them hospitality. Make sure the homeless are cared for. Take care of the sick and lonely. Share your food and shelter. Whatever you have, if you see need, share what you have. This is socialism. If they have a problem with that, then what in the name of all that’s holy are they doing going to church? I’m baffled.

Now as a government form, mmm, yeah, the idea has some problems. Things like this always will. There will always be some greedy turkey who will try to bleed the system to benefit only themselves. I get that objection. You have to back up and look at the forest, not just one or two trees that are diseased. Just because there are a few of these people does NOT mean the entire thing is flawed. Far from it. Millions of people are benefitting.

So what do we do about the banned books, restrictions on teachers, new rules on what you can/cannot say, can/cannot wear, and even most importantly, what a parent can do about their child’s identity? Take a deep breath, talk to your neighbors, and realize that not everybody is this bat s***crazy. See who can go to the school board meetings, Board of Commissioners, City Hall meetings, Town Halls, or whatever is being held in your area. If they can’t go, collect signatures, or letters of support. Make copies for every member. Have them ready to hand out. If you can, everybody go together and wear matching shirts. That really makes them pay attention.

Whatever you do, don’t give up. Because I sure do not intend to.

I’m running for GA State Senate District 29 and I need your vote on November 8. I also am trying to raise $2500 right now to fund my campaign but I am running way short on my goal. I need my readers to kick in their donations as soon as possible. I do not have any large dollar donors. Everything is from people just like you. Just click on the brown button below to help out right now. And thank you.

Paid for by The Committee to Elect Ellen T. Wright, P.O. Box 3816, LaGrange, GA 30241 http://www.wright4georgia.com ellen@wright4georiga.com

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Live in west central GA with 5 horses, 2 dachshunds, 3 cats. Life is complicated. Especially when you are an older female living in rural Georgia and the system is definitely rigged against you. God, I've learned to appreciate at least something of what minorities go through. White men are such boar hogs.

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