“Woke” Who’s Woke? I’m Awake

The English language has some rather strange ways it does its verbs. One boy in my sibling’s class was asked to do the verb “to freeze”. He thought he had the perfect answer: “freeze, froze, frizen”. He was completely mystified when the class erupted in laughter. “Woke” is the simple past tense of “wake”. ItContinue reading ““Woke” Who’s Woke? I’m Awake”

It’s The Little Things That Add UP

One drop of rain really doesn’t seem like much, does it? It just evaporates off your car’s windshield and you forget it was ever there. But if you take one drop of rain after another, pretty soon you have a downpour and suddenly you can hardly see how to drive no matter how fast thoseContinue reading “It’s The Little Things That Add UP”