Electric Gratitude!

Now there’s a concept that the people who don’t like “wokeness” will really have a time with! They’re always big on how if poor people were more grateful for what they were getting, they would take better care of their homes, cars, clothes,…and they would last longer and so on so forth. Sometimes I getContinue reading “Electric Gratitude!”

I Continue To Stand With Ukraine

Yes, I know that sending arms to Ukraine is more than likely responsible for the price hikes at the gas pumps. I do not care. I don’t like it any more than you do, but that was the decision of the OIL COMPANIES, not the Biden Harris administration. The oil companies are angry because theyContinue reading “I Continue To Stand With Ukraine”

On This Memorial Day Weekend, A Special Salute To Those Who Fight

There are many ways to fight for freedom. Not all of them involve gunpowder, as one woman showed us with her jar of pickled vegetables that she threw to take out a Russian drone. Courage and imagination can win battles that people thought would go the other way. Sheer determination and the will to stayContinue reading “On This Memorial Day Weekend, A Special Salute To Those Who Fight”