We Still Have Much To Do

Just because the numbers did not go my way does not mean that I’m quitting. Far from it. I’m taking a break, then I’ll be back. Persistence is what I am good at doing. Refresh yourselves, drink deeply at whatever springs of renewal you need, and then come back fighting. They just think they wonContinue reading “We Still Have Much To Do”

Stand UP, Speak OUT, Refuse To be Silent

Democrats have been silent for far too long. Especially here in the Deep South, we’ve been taught to ‘be nice’. It’s not ‘nice’ to make people uncomfortable. It’s not ‘nice’ for women to stand up to men and tell them to keep their comments, looks, and hands to themselves (in fact, we’re supposed to ‘secretlyContinue reading “Stand UP, Speak OUT, Refuse To be Silent”