Persistent, Passionate, and On YOUR Side

I went to and participated in the Candidate Forum hosted by the LaGrange/Troup County Chamber of Commerce and the Lagrange Daily News. My opponent was there, of course. I really don’t care for the things because you cannot get into the topics with answers that are only one minute long and ‘off-the-cuff’. I’m a moreContinue reading “Persistent, Passionate, and On YOUR Side”

At Least Complain To The Correct Place, Will Ya?

Voters to the “right” of the spectrum love to moan and groan about the prices at the gas pump. I’m not thrilled with them either. (I just filled up myself. OUCH!) I’m well aware of inflation, thank you very much, but you have to wonder if those folks EVER look at what is going onContinue reading “At Least Complain To The Correct Place, Will Ya?”